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Fitness Classes

So many of our guests take the chance to really throw themselves into our classes – often making up for lost time! Whether you fancy a hard spinning session, a one to one with an instructor or a full programme of activities based on a personal plan, we can accommodate you. Book your St. Lucia holidays today, to the top resort in St Lucia, the BodyHoliday LeSPORT!

Included in the your All Inclusive St. Lucia Holiday:

The Body Stretch

The Body Stretch

A great combination of flowing movements and controlled breathing with deep static stretches to help relieve tension and develop perfect posture.

Body Circuit

The Body Circuit

The Body Circuit combines both cardiovascular and resistance stations to produce an all over body session. Work at your own level while challenging your weaknesses.

Body Tone

The Body Tone

A great chance to firm up the whole body using a combination and variety of weight based exercises and studio equipment.

Body Burn

The Body Burn

The Body Burn is a freestyle combination of low and high impact aerobic movements, providing options throughout.

On the Ball

On the Ball

Use the fit balls and other studio equipment to firm and tone up the core and the rest of the body.

Step This Way

Step This Way

A basic high intensity step workout, combined with lower body conditioning exercises.

Dance Fun

Body Dance

A great combination of aerobic moves with a funky dance twist. No previous dance experience required.



A workout designed to strengthen the abdominal core and lower back muscles, often in the form of a circuit session.

Martial Fun

Combat Fitness

Combining various martial arts and boxing movements to produce a real stress and calorie busting workout.

Aqua Fun

Aqua Fitness

A class that always guarantees to be fun. Splash your way to a great fitness level at any age. Also an ideal class for pregnant participants and people with joint injuries.

Body Spin/Body Spin Max

Body Spin/Body Spin Max

A 40-minute (Body Spin) / 55-minute (Body Spin Max) indoor cycling experience. If you are new to indoor cycling, be warned – you may get hooked! BODYSPIN and BODYSPIN MAX are the ultimate calorie burning rides, sign up for your first class today!

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