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Christmas and New Year at The BodyHoliday

It’ll be a Christmas and New Year Wonderland at The BodyHoliday!

Welcome on behalf of the management and staff. We hope you will not just spend the holidays with us, but that you will also participate in the very exciting programme of activities and entertainment we have prepared for you this holiday season.

Thinking about spending Christmas at The BodyHoliday?

We have put together a special activity schedule as a guide to some of the Health and Wellbeing activities you can participate in this festive season, from water skiing to pilates, scuba diving to golf lessons. We have everything you need to make this Christmas and New Year truly a holiday you’ll never forget!

Some of the fun and exciting events taking place on Christmas Eve (24th December) are:

  • Countdown to Christmas
  • Champagne Cocktail with live music
  • Buffet dinner at Cariblue Restaurant with a live band
  • Christmas carol singing in the Piano Bar
  • Organized shuttle to Gros Islet Roman Catholic Church for Midnight Mass

Some of the fun and exciting events taking place on Christmas Day are:

  • Christmas morning walk
  • Champagne Breakfast
  • Eggnog party with a Steel Band
  • Christmas Brunch
  • Pool competition/Water Volleyball/ Beach Soccer
  • Wine & cheese pairing
  • Christmas Dinner with live music. The dress code is black with a touch of red.

Back in Time Costume Party: 28th December, 2013


It’s always fun to take a step back in time to bring back the memories.  We’re taking you back to the 60′s! Remember the Beatles? and John Lennon Glasses and Hippie Wigs? Peace Signs and Afros? The Memorable 70′s! The times they were changing, and music was too? And oh the 80′s the glam rock and bright neon colors era. I’m sure you do! But which will it be for you?  Join us at the Club House on 28th December, 2013 from 9:30 pm – 12:00 am as we take you back in time! Dress the part and relive the 60′s, 70′s, 80s at The BodyHoliday!

The All White Glow Party: 30th December, 2013


As a warm up to New Year’s Eve (that’s right, it’s the pre-party to the big night!) we’re hosting this one night event at The Clubhouse, an All White, Glow All Night Party. Ladies, this is where you need your ‘little white dress’ and gentlemen, this is your chance to shine in your smartest Caribbean slacks, trousers and flannel shirts (and yes, we expect you to join in the fun in your whitest and lightest).

The night’s agenda includes:

  • An all-white dress code
  • BBQ dinner at the Clubhouse from 7PM onwards
  • Glowing accessories
  • A cocktail spread of glowing drinks made by our very talented bartenders at The Clubhouse
  • Live entertainment from one of St Lucia’s best party bands
  • An evening of fun with The BodyHoliday Bodyguard Team all night long!

The Great Gatsby’s Ball : 31st December, 2013


Relive the 1920s at The BodyHoliday. Learn more here.

Already at the resort?

For more information on how to tailor your wellness journey here at The BodyHoliday please come and chat to a member of our team at the activities desk, located in the clubhouse between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm or you can call us at: extension 7809.

You can download your  brochure  here.

On behalf of the management and staff, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a bright and prosperous New Year.