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Octoba Yoga: 5th October to 2nd November 2014

Would you like a holiday that leaves you feeling soothed, toned and fully charged? Octoba Yoga is a holiday designed to do just that. Every Autumn we put together a month of yoga based activities to accommodate everyone from the complete beginner right through to the more advanced who want to acquire more specialist skills. We can introduce you to new techniques, new approaches or refresh your existing skills and routines.

Your Host: Kathryn Cullen

We are pleased to welcome once again, Yogi; Kathryn Cullen. Kathryn considers Yoga a lifelong pursuit and believes she will be a student for the rest of her life and beyond. She believes that Yoga is not just a workout, but is about working on yourself on many levels; spiritual and physical. It is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are, and start a journey of self-discovery.

With over 22 years’ experience, she is undoubtly a Master Trainer in Body Balance. Kathryn has studied various schools of Yoga including: Viniyoga, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Power Yoga, the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli and other various forms of Hatha Yoga. She integrates these disciplines in all her classes to create flowing, strong, mindful, dynamic practices. She has qualified to teach Restorative Yoga having been confronted with cancer and so helps people in similar situations, helping to renew physical, mental and emotional wellbeing in their lives by using a compassionate and mindful teaching style.

Kathryn’s  yoga classes are suitable for all levels, ages and abilities. All of the practices she teaches focus on the essential element of breath awareness, posture, safe and effective body alignment and include the extremely important elements of relaxation and meditation. Her classes integrate the spiritual and philosophical teachings of yoga with the energy and strength of a workout. Kathryn’s number one aspiration is to encourage her students to incorporate the sense of balance, stability and harmony they learn through these classes into their daily life.

All you need to bring to class is your mind and your body!

Some Classes include:

Yoga Core and More: Come and challenge your core! A yoga class with emphasis on functional core work using Vinyasa Yoga Flow and Pilates inspired moves to help activate deep muscles. Remember the core includes the back of your body, abdominals, shoulders and hips.
Beginner Friendly: a great place to start! Explore the basics of Hatha yoga; good posture, correct alignment in simple poses and proper breathing techniques to enhance your yoga experience. Every level of yogi will benefit from this class.
Back To Life: Bring your back to life! Backbends, when done properly, can be a great source of energy and invigoration. In this class we actively warm up the spine to prepare the body for deep heart-opening and adrenal boosting pinnacle postures.
Twist Your Way To Bliss: Not only do twists make your back feel incredibly good and relaxed, they also improve posture as well as breathing. Releasing tension in the upper and lower back, twisting postures act as natural stress relievers. They also promote healthy detoxification massaging the organs that assist in digestion and metabolism.
Head To Toe Power Flow: This challenging and dynamic flowing form of yoga will transform your body and revive your spirit The class will include sun salutations drawn from the Ashtanga yoga tradition and incorporate additional power moves. You will gain total body strength, flexibility, experience better balance, core conditioning and notice an increase in stamina and endurance. Come to this class prepared to sweat!
Happy Hips:  Everybody loves a hip dedicated class! In this class we will focus most of our attention on releasing deeply into the hips. If you walk, run, hike, play sports, practice yoga, ski, bike, or sit at a desk, chances are that you have tight hips. Participating in this class can help prevent injury and even boost your performance and make you feel more comfortable in your daily routine. This is also an effective way of alleviating back & knee pain and charging the emotional body for deep healing.
Forward Bending & Inward Looking: Forward bends offer a great opportunity to settle down and free the mind, but not if your hamstrings are tight and screaming. This class will take you through a sequence of moves to release the back of your body so you can take full advantage of these calming postures
Body Balance: A unique blend of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates set to inspirational music. This program is designed to make you long, strong, focused, calm and centered.
Yin Yoga: This is a deep, restorative approach to your yoga practice. Yin offers long, meditative held poses to delve into the deep connective tissues. These postures will help to release stress and tension throughout the entire body, creating structural and mental balance.
Flexible Vinyasa: Physical strength is useless if you do not have the flexibility to use it. In this practice you will experience the warmth and challenges of strength poses through a variety of interesting Vinyasa Flow sequences, followed by your well-earned treat of long, slow, deep stretches. Every muscle will be incorporated in this class.


5th October to 2nd November, 2014

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