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WellFit: 3rd to 14th November, 2014

How about a challenge? Ready to make a change to your health and wellbeing, the way you get fit and stay fit? Then WellFit could be for you.These intensive, week long boot camps aim to transform your body, attitude and approach to health and wellbeing. There is no competition, judgment or pressure, our aim is to support and encourage you to help create a lasting change.

Boot Camp

If you are expecting an intimidating army sergeant then think again! We are not here to drill you but to educate you. You work as hard as you want; you set your own goals. It is essentially about training hard, eating well and having fun with other guests. But you are also learning new fitness and nutrition habits that will transform your life. They are about overcoming physical and mental challenges that push you way beyond your perceived limitations!

Dedicated team

Our team, led by British and Commonwealth athlete Sally Gunnell, will get you into shape with heart pumping cardio workouts to tone your legs, abdominals and gluts.

The Wellfit Programme includes:

  • Daily Boot Camp class
  • Group Breakfast with resident Nutritionist
  • Complimentary BMI Reading
  • Complimentary Blood Pressure Readings
  • Wellfit® Group Nutrition Seminar
  • Wellfit® Exercise Seminar (Training Tips etc)

Download a schedule

You can download the schedule here.