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Cariblue Restaurant

St. Lucia All Inclusive

Dining in St. Lucia within the sight and sounds of the sea and surrounded by beautifully planted gardens, is a wonderful way to enjoy fine food, fine wine and good company.

Cariblue is where our chefs prepare breakfast and lunch. Lunch features food themes that include Mediterranean, Oriental, Mexican, Italian and international flavours. During the dinner hours, Cariblue sets the evening stage with soft light and light sea breezes. You may hear the cool sounds of a sophisticated jazz quartet, or a steel band playing the gentle melodies of Bob Marley, that just may get you up and dancing after your dinner.

The international table d’hôte cuisine is exquisite. The wine list is extensive. The menu is varied and selections change nightly. Time to treat yourself to Cariblue and the top resort in Saint Lucia, the BodyHoliday.

Dress Code and Opening Times

As this is a resort on a beach we are pretty relaxed about what you wear. So breakfast and lunch are casual affairs but we do request that you slip something over your trunks or bikini.

At dinner time it is nice to dress up a little but again we leave the sartorial style up to you! However can we suggest that you do not wear shorts, jeans, caps, cargo pants, t-shirts, slippers, or tennis shoes in the dining room. Thanks.

The restaurant opens at 7:30am for breakfast with the last seating for dinner at 9:30pm.

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