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Top Tips for Healthy Shopping

When you’re trying to lose weight or improve your health a seemingly harmless trip to the supermarket can actually throw you off course, you know what I’m talking about; the eye catching packages on processed foods, buy one get one free offers that you simply can’t leave on the shelf and don’t even get me started on the cartoon characters on products targeted at children.

A supermarket trip shouldn’t be a battle between will power and marketing, you can get around the store and leave with only what you intended to buy and keep your healthy lifestyle on track, just follow these simple tips and take the headache out of your weekly shop.

  • Make a list before you leave the house, failing to prepare is preparing to fail! You are more likely to just go in, get want you want and by pass any unwanted shelves if you are following a list and stick to only what is on it!
  • Know your store! In most supermarkets the fresh produce, meat and dairy is around the outside of the store, so stay there, don’t get stuck on the inside isles where the more processed foods are. If you use your list and know where to find things, you shouldn’t find yourself straying from isle to isle, where you may be tempted.
  • Know your products! It is all well and good having a list and getting to the correct isle, but it could all go out the window when you are stood in front of a shelf with several brands or varieties of goods. Do your research beforehand and check the ingredients lists/labels of your products so you know exactly which one to pick up, the time you spend doing the research will make your shopping trip more efficient and your waistline will thank you for it!
  • Don’t shop hungry! You’ve probably already heard this one but I really think it works, if you are hungry you are more likely to reach for the sugary snacks that you may not normally eat, or you could be setting yourself up to over indulge on the car journey home!
  • Distract yourself! This is something I find very useful, take music, an audio book or listen to a pod cast while you shop this should stop any flashy marketing tactics catching your eye, especially useful when waiting at the checkout where there is usually a stand of chocolate bars waiting for you to cave in!
  • Shop online! You can’t add unwanted things to your shopping basket if you can’t see them! This is my number one tip for those that can’t find time to exercise, do your grocery shopping online and spend that time working out instead, double bonus!

Hopefully these easy tips will not only help you stay on track when at the supermarket but may also save you some time too, its precious after all.

Take the hassle out of researching your products and see Rachel, our resident Nutritionist for a personalized nutrition consultation when you are with us.

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