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You are onto the perfect start to your perfect holiday. Whether you are a new registrant or a returning guest, welcome!

Discover for yourself why we prove over and over again that we are one of travel’s best gems and the world leader in wellbeing beach vacations.

New registrants, please create your new account now and submit your details. Once you have a reservation, we will let you know by email when your webroom is open. Once your webroom is open you will be able to:

  • Chat directly with a holiday consultant
  • Select your preferred times for your included spa treatments
  • Select and book additional treatments that will enhance your vacation and will help you achieve your relaxation, fitness and rejuvenation goals – should you choose to set any.

If you do not have a reservation but you are browsing, go ahead and get comfortable, you can update your contact information and update your interests. Once you have made up your mind, and you book your holiday, then let us know and we will simply activate your personal webroom so that you can personalise your upcoming vacation.

Returning guests, if you have already registered or would like us to reactivate your webroom from your previous visit, please log in or let us know. You should be ready to personalise your treatments and holiday experience at this stage so we look forward to helping you.

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Register with us today. You’ll have access to:

  • Customising your My Bodyholiday experience
  • An informative newsletter
  • Access to your web room


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