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Thalgo Exclusive Experiences

Available at additional cost:

Thalgo Three Algae Body Wrap

The original marine algae wrap. Harnessing all the incredible benefits of marine algae: rich in minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients, this treatment activates circulation, increases metabolism, relieves aches and pains and improves skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Excellent for detox general well-being and total relaxation. Recommended as a prelude before all slimming and firming treatments or courses.

Thalgomince Warm Body Wrap

This treatment is perfect for post-pregnancy or after weight loss. The rebalancing marine and plant extracts have a natural affinity with the skin, allowing their richness to absorb to the very heart of skin’s cells to break down fatty deposits, strengthen skin and improve elasticity.

Ocean Memory, Marine Sensation Ritual

The invigorating Ocean Memory spa ritual is inspired by the sea and will leave you feeling revitalised, refreshed, replenished and re-energised! Exfoliating algae petals gently purify the skin and is followed by a divinely relaxing warm oil massage which replicates movements of the sea. The tension relieving Tingly Algae Mousse Mask makes you feel instantly warm and calm. Finally, Ocean Memory Cream will be applied to beautifully nourish and hydrate your body.

Frigi-Thalgo Cool Wrap

Your therapist applies a bandage wrap to the body, infused with a lotion containing Thalgo patented Micronized Marine Algae and active ingredients to improve blood flow and regulate fluid balance. Frigi-Thalgo is able to significantly boost circulation, making it highly effective at eliminating excess fluid and toxins from the hip and thigh area and is very popular as an anti-cellulite treatment.

Post-Sun Face and Body Soother

This sublime Body Wrap with sacred Lotus will result in an immediate cooling sensation with intense hydration. For the face a creamy mask will be applied to repair and nourish the skin after sun exposure.

Sea & Senses Marine Stone Body Exfoliation

Features a unique exfoliation technique using hot marine stones in combination with fine sea sand and essential oils for a natural hydrating effect on the epidermis. The movements, rhythm and power of the stones create a decongesting action to stimulate exchanges, increase tissue oxygenation and heighten the sensorial effects of the treatment.

Marine Prelude

For a deluxe exfoliation prior to tanning. Natural Dead Sea mud is applied to the body, followed by a sprinkling of sea salts. This ultra-beneficial combination exfoliates the skin, alleviates skin roughness and invigorates the entire body by activating microcirculation.

Detox Light Legs treatment

This light legs treatment features a detoxifying and draining algae combined with refreshing and stimulating essential oils of peppermint and lavender to eliminate excess fluid and relieve tired and heavy legs.

Aromaceane Dead Sea Mud Wrap

This ultra relaxing and cleansing treatment combines immune boosting natural Dead Sea mud with essential oils chosen individually to suit your specific concerns (slimming, relaxation or detox).

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