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Coming Soon to BodyHoliday

BodyHoliday has been at the leading edge of health and well being vacations/ holidays for many years and we have honed our skills and offerings in the various pillars of fitness, nutrition, restorative beauty, yoga and holistic therapy. At the start of the new year, we are turning our attention to new elements of mindfulness and sports. As you will see we have some interesting additions to the program for 2017….




The new Equine Experience will offer two options. Equine Reflection, in which you will interact with a horse and during these exercises, the horse will teach you how to communicate better and you’ll learn to be “in the moment”.

“Equine Expression” involves using your horse as a canvas and ( inspired by the North American Indian) depict a story, chosen by you, using non toxic paints. Living in the moment, your story is washed away at the end of the session.



Rock Climbing



The soft adventure team have been working hard with some highly experienced rock climbers in order to gain instructor status. This will be a terrific add on to the existing soft adventure program and the abseiling program featured also as part of the Quadrathlon. New web page with news very soon…when we’ll share some of the climbs we have planned nearby on some of the amazing cliffs around Pigeon Island. Details of courses and trainers qualifications and any other details will be posted soon. Watch this space.

Climb 400x400.jpg


Sailing Charters Fun for 2017


After the initial success of the J24, we acquired earlier in the year, we looked at various options to expand our fleet and came up with the new XTREME 26. We commissioned two boats to be built and these are on their way to completion in Martinique from whence we’ll sail them home. These boats will add a new dimension to the sailing program and for those experienced sailors amongst our guests, provide some real excitement on the water. The boats are also used for picnic sails and other fun excursions.

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