Our Concept

We designed this holiday over twenty years ago, long before the wellness industry had grown to the popularity seen today. A spa in a hotel was uncommon, and often, the perception of well-being centres was of strange, cult-like institutions set high in the European Alps. Early guests in the early 90s were the so-called “BabyBoomers”. In general, a fairly successful generation, but for many, unhealthy lifestyles began to take their toll. So they looked to how they could undo the excesses of the past. BodyHoliday provided the perfect antidote since it was not a “Fat Farm” but had the facilities and expertise beyond that of a regular hotel resort to deliver the services required.

The most important change we’ve witnessed over the years is that well-being has moved from primarily curative to preventative. We’ve adapted accordingly.

What makes this holiday/vacation experience truly special is that it’s designed by you with a purpose-built tool we call the “webroom”.

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Yoga Retreats at BodyHoliday St Lucia


Relaxation is the key to well-being. We must learn how to rest our bodies and minds and switch off from stress every so often. BodyHoliday has a multitude of ways to help. Not only that, but we give you the gift of being able to take the knowledge away with you. We give you the tools you’ll need to maintain a healthy heart and mind.

Our extensive yoga and meditation programme is a place to start, including when we dedicate an entire month during “Octoba Yoga”. Learning techniques of breathing, detox and de-stress programmes and Ayurvedic and Chinese preventative practices are also at hand. We’ll even give you a helping hand with digital detox and giving up smoking.

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Spinning Studio at BodyHoliday


There’s always something new at BodyHoliday to enhance the already overflowing cup of activity. As you would expect, Yoga is high on the list, and our “BodyYoga” programme takes centre stage. Your body loves to stretch itself, and it has plenty of opportunity to do so with a choice of Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, and exercise classes in and out of the pool.  And after a fabulous hard day of play, including tennis, sailing, water skiing, beach and pool volleyball, scuba and snorkelling, a morning hike, exercise classes, golf, and a workout in the gym with your personal trainer, you could consider a sundowner cocktail well-deserved.

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Beautiful skin at BodyHoliday

Restorative Beauty

We think that beauty comes when you are at peace with yourself and that it shines from the inside out. Hence its importance as a pillar of well-being. Here at BodyHoliday, we have created an ultimate beauty and wellness programme. In the attentive, competent hands of our beauty staff, we create personalised journeys
using top-of-the-line beauty products.

Our priority is that you enjoy pure relaxation on your holiday at The BodyHoliday – from head to toe, and that means finding the perfect beauty programme too. We’d love you to love your skin and radiate beauty.

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Eat well without sacrificing taste bodyholiday


You are what you eat so they say. Food; It’s a different journey for everyone. Our philosophy might be summed up as “a little of what you fancy does you good”. In other words, eat sensibly and in moderation, but indulge your senses within reason. We are not in the business of being a fat farm, however we provide the opportunities for weight management should any of our guests request. We have nutritionists on the team and an Ayurvedic programme to help you discover your “Dosha” which will help you to manage your choice of foods.

Food at the BodyHoliday is about simple recipes, great food, great taste, creative presentation and wholesome ingredients. We encourage our chefs to add a dash of imagination, a sprinkling of inspiration and season with passion.  Indeed, our signature restaurant TAO, was cited as one of the Hot Tables of the Year by Conde Nast Traveler, when it first opened.

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