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WellFit Retreat featuring Daley Thompson

Olympian decathlon legend Daley Thompson is at The BodyHoliday to challenge guests in the WellFit Retreat. I caught up with him to ask a few questions:

How’s the Well Fit programme gone this year?

It’s been going really well. We’ve been averaging 15 – 17 people. Kate and I try and see what people like, so if they enjoy running we tend to focus on that, if they prefer exercise we do more of that. It really depends on who’s there and what people have been enjoying over the week.

What’s been really popular?

Most of the stuff we do on the beach has been taken well. People love running, jumping around, doing sit ups, getting all sandy and stuff and then diving into the water. Well, it’s not my idea…but they like all that.

What do you think makes LeSport stand apart from other resorts?

I’m amazed how many people come on holiday here alone. This is the kind of place where it’s quite natural to come by yourself, because everybody starts introducing themselves around the dinner tables and when you’re getting breakfast or just walking around. You’ll soon find some like-minded people and find your own little group.

As an Olympian, what’s your opinion on the fitness activities at LeSport?

If you’re not looking into making sport your life, and are just doing it as a hobby, the classes are fantastic. Obviously my one’s the best…but the options here are brilliant. You can learn to play tennis, learn to play golf, you can do yoga first thing in the morning, a bunch of treatments I’ve never even heard of…

Have you tried any?

No I’m not that way inclined.

No massages no…therapeutic what-not?

Nah man, I’m hardcore, I’m old school. We don’t do that kind of stuff! Having said that, 90% of the guests here really like them, and once you’ve had your workout, they’re a great way to wind down.

The BodyHoliday Reintroduces Osteopathy

osteopathy in st. lucia
Craniosacral Therapy is just one of the treatments offered at the wellness centre and delivered by Joe.

November 2011 – The BodyHoliday, having just completed its multimillion dollar summer refurbishment project, the St. Lucia resort continues its dedication to world class holistic offerings. It is reintroducing Osteopathy at the wellness centre with the appointment of ‘Osteopath Joe’.

Joe Scarisbrick is the new resident Osteopath. He grew up in Essex, England, as a very active and sporty child, with interests in swimming, basketball and rugby. Joe initially considered Physiotherapy, but felt that the patients tended to wait too long for treatments. This led him to start a career in Osteopathy…and the rest is history!

During his education at the British School of Osteopathy, he spent over one thousand hours in a busy clinical practice treating a wide range of patients of different ages and with different conditions. He also completed courses in Advanced Spinal Manipulation, Visceral Osteopathy and Obstetrics and Osteopathy. After he concluded the four year course, he took his learning further with a course in Cranial Osteopathy and at present looks forward to using his skills at The BodyHoliday.

Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment that deals with a range of complaints. It believes that the structure and function of the body; how it’s built and how it works together are all reciprocally interrelated, and that you can’t have one working well without the other.

The ideology behind Osteopathy is about finding the cause, and stopping it from coming back. Quite often the symptomatic area is not the cause of the symptoms. Osteopaths have a holistic approach and believe that your whole body will work well if your body is in good structural balance. A wide range of techniques are used, including massage, cranial techniques (sometimes referred to as ‘Cranial Osteopathy’) and joint mobilization. This breadth of approach allows Joe to focus on every patient’s precise needs.

Joe explained that Osteopathy can treat numerous conditions and is not simply about treating the back (a common misconception). It can help to treat any structural problem such as lower back pain, neck pain, pains associated with stress, shoulder pain, arm pain, leg pain, hip pain and headaches. Osteopathy can also help reduce the pains associated with conditions such as asthma and sciatica.

Joe is registered as an osteopath in the UK with the General Osteopathic Council.

Butterscotch Cream Cheesecake

Butterscotch Cream Cheesecake

This delicious dessert was chosen by our fans on Facebook as their favourite. We’ve gotten the recipe for you today, so go ahead and try it out. Let us know how it turned out and share your pictures with us on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/thebodyholiday

Ingredients (cheesecake):

  • 550g cream cheese
  • 135g sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 50g sour cream or yogurt
  • 180ml double cream (liquid)

Ingredients (butterscotch):

  • 200g sugar
  • 40ml water
  • 60ml liquid cream

The method:
• Slowly mix in the cream cheese with the sugar in a bowl.
• Add the eggs in slowly.
• Add the sour cream and double cream to the mixture.
• Pour the mixture into your rings or molds
• Make the butter scotch by boiling the sugar and water until it is golden brown in colour, then pouring in the liquid cream. Remove from the stove when the mixture is completely melted.
• Allow the butterscotch to cool completely, then pour a small amount over the cheesecake mix in the ring or mold.
• Bake for 30 minutes at 125°C.
• Remove, allow to cool and enjoy!

Meet our new Yoga instructor – Meg Jackson

Get on a mat….and go places!

“With yoga all is possible” said one of the leading lights of Ashtanga yoga, Sri K Pattabi Jois. And I think he was right. Of course, I can only comment from my own experience, but I know that without yoga I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today; geographically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually!

Exactly 4 weeks ago today my yoga mat and I (along with surprisingly heavy baggage; how do clothes suddenly double their weight when they enter a suitcase?) boarded a plane from Gatwick to St. Lucia. Up until that point I had heard myself telling friends, family and students that I was leaving the UK to come to a Caribbean resort to be the resident yoga teacher at The BodyHoliday for 6 months. But it wasn’t until I actually clunked that seatbelt around my waist, and jammed my thankfully short legs under the seat in front of me, that the reality of where yoga has taken me began to sink in.

I started going to yoga because I wanted to get arms like Madonna. There. I’ve said it. Shallow, but true. It was during the time that she had particularly toned limbs, and I found out from some font of knowledge that it was thanks to Ashtanga yoga. Great! No more sweating at the gym for me. All I had to do was go to a class, get on a mat, bend myself around a bit and ‘voila’.

If someone had told me, at that point, during my first ‘Downward Dog’ I would be looking for the fastest way out of the room, I may have been a little more cautious. My arms were shaking, my knees were wobbling, my heels felt like they were miles away from the floor, and the teacher wanted me to breathe at the same time?!

Suffice to say that my relationship with yoga got off on a bit of a bad note. But, thanks to a friend who was more determined than I was, I kept going. As time went on I began to realise the more I did, the more I wanted to do. Yoga and I had our fights sometimes. Occasionally we would take a break from each other, go out and experiment a little, but always ended up being reunited with an even greater appreciation for each other.

Then I began to realise that my yoga practice wasn’t just about what was going on in my body. It was showing me what was going on in my life too. I realised that when I knew a pose (an ‘asana’) was coming up which I didn’t think I was very ‘good’ at; I’d try to rush it or miss it out altogether, rather than have a go at it. The same went for the poses which made me feel a little bit claustrophobic or trapped; a quick side-step around them and I’d be off to the next one.

So by stepping onto a mat, I actually took a step towards understanding my life off the mat a little better.

Fast forward a few years, and thanks to those first painful, frustrating, unpleasant dates with yoga, I couldn’t be more grateful for all the possibilities this amazing practice has opened up for me. I have met beautiful people from all corners of the world, been challenged personally and professionally, found physical wellbeing and strength I never knew I had, learnt more about myself than I ever thought possible….and laughed…a lot.

Even more exciting for me, is that not only has yoga done all this for me, but here at The BodyHoliday I am privileged to see this happen for other people. They come to a class, a little wide-eyed, very apprehensive, wondering what on earth they’re letting themselves in for. Then, if you look very closely at just the right time, yoga works its magic on them and they get their first “ah haa!” moment. Then they’re off; that world of possibilities begins for them too.

If you’re coming to join us here I really hope that you’ll come and see what might happen for you if you spend a little time on a yoga mat. And if quoting a yoga guru isn’t quite your style, you may want to instead keep this gem from Audrey Hepburn in mind: ‘Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!’

Meet our BodyAware Specialist: Vicky Dunning

I’ve worked in the health & fitness industry for five years. I’ve gained and learned a lot during this time. In the early days of my career, I worked as a GP Referral Consultant. On a daily basis, I worked with a number of patients with numerous medical conditions including spinal problems, pre and post natal care, injury rehabilitation, cardiac rehabilitation, weight loss/gain and so on. I always used a holistic approach toward each individual, for example, cases of weaning them off prescribed drugs for conditions such as high blood pressure or weight loss and substituting it with exercise, diet and a proper lifestyle to enable a balanced body. When I worked as a personal trainer, I used a similar holistic and flexible approach to training by combining physical, mental and nutritional training concepts.

I’ve trained in India in a two hundred hour Yoga teacher level course and travelled around Asia studying natural herbal remedies. During that time I reached a personal goal of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. I’ve also trained in ITEN, the top training camp for athlete runners.

My time at The BodyHoliday is the start of an exciting and new chapter for me. I’m thrilled to be working with such a great team at this award-winning resort on the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Lucia. I think The BodyHoliday is a perfect fit for me because their approach is holistic, just as mine. I love the way they invite their guests to do as little, or as much as they like. It’s a resort where you can stretch out and lounge on the beach all day or spend the day getting pampered at the wellness centre or have a day filled with activites, watersports and scuba diving or any mix of the three. An absolutely amazing concept if you ask me!

And now, onto my job as The BodyHoliday’s BodyAware Specialist. The BodyAware progamme is unique to The BodyHoliday – it’s a tailored progamme which helps improve nutrition habits, build a regular exercise rountine and make the necessary lifestyle changes for the combined goal of good health. By now, you can see that this will be a perfect fit for me. I’m approaching the progamme from a holistic point of view and aiding in supplying the tools to create balance in my guests lives. Nutrition is based on every individual’s Dosha type. By bringing about balance and nourishment, we can prevent the negative effects of an unbalanced body. The best lifestyle is based on achieving a daily balance of minimal or no stress, enjoying some leisure time through proper time management and good sleeping patterns. Exercise is about listening to your body and finding what complements it, both physically and mentally. All of these work to increase energy levels and leave the body feeling revitalized. Focusing on these aspects of life brings balance and harmony into the body and helps us lead healthier and more enjoyable lives. Now that’s something I know we all want!

If you’re coming to The BodyHoliday, you can book your BodyAware progamme even before your arrival with our BodyHoliday Specialists. Let me work with you during and after your stay to tailor the right progamme to you. It will change your life!

The BodyHoliday introduces an all new Personalised Wellness Programme

bodyholiday wellness
Emilie Haldane, Wellness Specialist

October 2011 – The BodyHoliday has long been an innovative industry leader and is at it again with the introduction of Personlised Wellness. The resort has developed experience in personalization from the success of its BodyHoliday Specialist team – a knowledgeable team that works with guests ahead of their arrival to create a bespoke holiday experience balancing out time for daily treatments, activities and everything else they wish to fit in! This concept is the inspiration behind Personalised Wellness.

The BodyHoliday describes Personalised Wellness as a combination of individually tailored sessions in fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and mental wellness. The resort understands that the experience will vary from person to person and has put an emphasis on building a relationship with the guest prior to arrival to determine their individual needs. During that time, the guest will receive recommendations and suggestions on the activities, treatments, meals and holistic classes most suited to them. They will be able to book all of these services in advance of their arrival. When the guests check into the hotel, their custom plan would have been created.

They will have the help of their Wellness Specialist throughout their stay to help guide them through the journey. A specialist in the true sense of the word, the Wellness Specialist commands knowledge of the extensive range of offerings The BodyHoliday provides to its guests. Enter Emilie Haldane. Emilie has a background in fitness instruction and personal training and has worked in the Health & Wellbeing and Customer Service industries. “I’ve always wanted to combine my experience in these industries, as well as my love of travel and got the chance to do so with the ideal job as The BodyHoliday’s Wellness Specialist.”

You can begin your Personalised Wellness journey with Emilie today: wellnessspecialist@thebodyholiday.com

The BodyHoliday welcomes guests back after its summer refurbishment project

bodyholiday refurbishments
The northern end of the boardwalk with views of Cariblue beach on the left and the Clubhouse on the right

On October 2nd 2011, The BodyHoliday reopened its doors after an exciting US$20million summer refurbishment project. The award-winning resort took the time out this past summer to add some new life to some of its key areas, all with the goal of delivering to its guests a fresh resort which still holds true to its promise: ‘Give us your body for a week and we’ll give you back your mind’.

The wellness centre’s entrance was completely transformed into a magnificent structure with Jerusalem stone and mosaics. The attention to detail was kept with the addition of authentic Jallis from India which have been incorporated in the new welcome desk. Another set of Jallis, which had been part of the initial plans of the wellness centre were also added in that area. The Specialist Skin Care Clinic was also completely redone. It now features four new treatment rooms and a redesigned reception area which showcases the new line of Thalgo products on offer.

In the reception area an all new turning circle with cobbled entrance has been constructed. The familiar sight of the welcome gazebo (with its Piton Punch for arriving guests) still holds, but it has been given new life with some detailed trellis and colorful tile work. In the lobby, a welcoming environment has been created allow guests to relax, congregate and experience a sense of place on arrival. The modular upholstered seating groups are centered under a chandelier with fresh floral arrangements, making it comfortable and easy to enjoy the complimentary Wi-Fi.

Perhaps one of the biggest changes came to Cariblue Restaurant. The Italian courtyard has been enhanced as a functional lounge area with ‘Great House’ style seating. In the dining room, an all new crisp white tongue-and-groove tray ceiling replaces the once exposed beams and rafters. Materials including rattan and wicker, brown mahogany, bright whites and a palette of vibrant blues have lifted Cariblue greatly. Open louver panels help separate the dining areas. Cariblue also saw the introduction of an enclosed, air-conditioned buffet area. Another new addition is the classic stone finish wine salon. The wine salon serves to enhance guests dining experience with pairing suggestions and a number of wine flights geared at educating and introducing guests to the resort’s extensive wine selection.

A 360-degree, 17ft circular custom designed bar is one of the Clubhouse’s more prominent new features. The bar carries a nautical design influence and its round shape provides for conversation and easy viewing of the redesigned stage. The Clubhouse lounge received a mix of contemporary, classic and transitional furniture with an assortment of sofa seating, lounge chairs and tea height tables which allow for flexible use, dining, cocktails and tea.

The Grill Pavilion is an all new extension of the Clubhouse which includes a buffet, grill and pizza oven. It now adds an all new food outlet by offering lunch and dinner. The Piazza is a new multi-space complete with pagoda umbrellas and casual bistro seating with a trickling natural stone fountain. It can serve as a cozy respite from the large dining spaces.

Just off the Grill Pavilion is a new two-level infinity pool tiled in deep cobalt blue porcelain. The upper pool’s size makes it ideal for play and aquatic fitness; it then falls into shallow waters at the boardwalk level. This has an elegant cascading effect with endless views of the beach and Caribbean Sea. Intimate cabanas-for-two contour the pool’s upper level.

The Boardwalk begins at the northern end of the Clubhouse, wraps around its front, extends just past Tao restaurant and ends with the new watersports hut. The area is surrounded by all-white market umbrellas and chaise lounges. The boardwalk also features large cabanas comprised of two daybeds and a centre table which lend themselves to private sunset viewing and waterside dinning.

The games room is an air-conditioned escape from the outdoor spaces. Complimentary Wi-fi, a library, two flat screen televisions; backgammon, chess and checkered boards etched in tables and a table tennis set-up make this the most fun spot at the resort.

The PADI Scuba Dive Shop now has a new home: a freestanding cottage with brightly coloured lime green, turquoise and tangerine wood finish. On the inside, a diving instruction room features a flat-screen television for maximum fun and learning.

The new gym is a state-of-the art 1,800 square foot fitness centre with expansive back windows which let in natural light and overlook the Caribbean hillside. An impressive selection of modern gym equipment promises to make staying fit enjoyable and easy.

The Penthouse Suite is the latest addition to the resort’s accommodation. It is accessed by a private entry staircase and is the only fifth floor suite. It features an open floor plan with high ceilings and a spacious living area and wet bar, a free standing wall unit divides the bedroom and living spaces. Floor-to-ceiling front windows allow natural light to flood in and provide stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. It also features a private Hammam with Turkish marble-slab heated massage bed and a steam room with mosaic curved bench and rain-head shower, offering guests a unique spa experience in their very own exclusive space.

The BodyHoliday welcomes you to experience these facilities firsthand and rate for yourself one of the most exciting hotel refurbishments in St. Lucia and the Caribbean.

The BodyHoliday wins Best Destination Spa in the World Award

St Lucia resort wins covered award at the Conde Nest Traveller Readers’ Travel Awards 2011

best spa resort
Simon Leadsford (Publishing Director of Conde Nast Traveller) with Eve Barnard and Craig Barnard (Founder and President of Sunswept Resorts) after receiving the award

1st September 2011 – The BodyHoliday was last night crowned the Best Destination Spa in the World at the prestigious Condé Nast Traveller Readers’ Travel Award.

This is the second award this year for The BodyHoliday having won Leading Hotel Spa in the Overseas category at the Condé Nast Traveller Reader Spa Awards earlier this year. Considered by many as the travel bible, the Readers’ Traveller Awards is based on readers’ votes on criteria including spa facilities, individual approach, ambience/design, body and facial treatments, amenities and products, exercise programmes, cuisine, as well as quality of service and staff, which highlights the finest spots to relax in the UK as well as around the globe including the best hotel spas, spa retreats, day spas and thermal spas, with the highest scorers then making it into the World’s top 25.

On receiving the award at The Royal Institute of Great Britain, President and Founder Craig Barnard said, “We are thrilled to receive our second award this year from such a major and influential travel magazine. We are especially pleased that the accolade comes directly from the readers, we work very hard to exceed the guests expectations and it is very rewarding to see this recognised. I look forward to welcoming guests, returning and new, from the start of October to see the extensive renovations which we are all very excited about. The BodyHoliday continues to deliver on its promise – give us your body for a week and we’ll give you back your mind.”

The BodyHoliday reopens at the start of October following a three month close for a £10million transformation of its public spaces, including an upgrade of the wellness centre, to create a more luxurious experience for guests. Reopening at the beginning of October, The BodyHoliday will be hosting various events on resort including Octoba Yoga – a month dedicated to yoga classes and courses; and the November WellFit Retreat – a week of intensive fitness training and workshops with Olympic legend Daley Thompson and former Gladiator Kate Staples.

Diane Lokos will bring new life to Circus Sports at The BodyHoliday, LeSPORT

Diane is an authentic conceptual aerial performance artist. She has spent seven years developing her own personal style. She creates characters of moving sculptures in the air. Her unique charisma and expressiveness highlight her acrobatic skills and make it an emotional experience. She creates her very own emotional world on stage.

Her creativity stems from her childhood. As a young figure skater she worked on many group productions creating other worlds on ice. During her studies as an artist at OCA and in Italy she had a great interest in interactive robotic sculptures and video installations, expressing ideas with moving objects and sounds, playing with human emotions as they interacted with the piece. This led her to working at a special effects shop creating animatronics creatures and then moved to create atmospheres by designing backdrops for theatre as trompe l’oiel mural artist. She has spent the last 2 years managing her own artist-run Gallery, hosting a unique drop-in-life-drawing class in The Drawing Room, with circus performers in costume acting as models and posing in the air.

Diane has performed as an aerialist with Phenomenatrix Productions, Dilorus Productions Vertical Travelers, ZeroGravity and GravityWorks. She also co-managed an aerial studio with Lori Le Mare and Rebecca Leonard.

In her teachings, Diane helps her students of all levels push the boundaries of what they thought they were capable of.

Diane will be offering her Circus Sports classes at The BodyHoliday resort from March 27th to April 10th, 2011.

The BodyHoliday undergoes a US$20 Million Refurbishment

Our summer refurbishment project has begun and work is progressing very smoothly. We’re keeping everyone fully in the know every step of the way through a series of weekly releases from our management team. We present an even more interactive look into the project on our Facebook page. If you would like to receive our weekly update emails, please click here.

July 27th, 2011 – Cariblue Renovations

bodyholiday resort

Great food and drink have always been important at The BodyHoliday, so the refurbishment of Cariblue sees us investing heavily in this, our main restaurant. The designs for the renovated restaurant have focused on three key areas – the restaurant itself, a new wine room and the buffet. Together these three areas will combine to create a great eating experience that will ensure that the resort retains its excellent culinary reputation.


It takes more than just great food and wine to make dining fun. For it to really come to life it’s about the company, be it an intimate moment with a loved one or laughing with a group of friends. So we have reconfigured the restaurant to allow everybody to share a fabulous environment that is truly unique. It has always been a beautiful spot to eat, with its cooling breeze and stunning views of the Caribbean Sea.

So we are creating a colonial theme with rattan and wicker furniture, mahogany cabinetry, oversized porcelain tiles, louvered panels to create separate dining areas and a crisp, white tongue and groove ceiling. What better way to dine than in absolute luxury with a beautiful view?

The Wine Room

Reminiscent of a French ‘cave’, we are looking to distinguish The BodyHoliday from other resorts with the addition of a wine room. A classic stone finish defines the room with wine racks adorning every wall and stations to taste and enjoy the best wines from around the world.

Why not take the opportunity to learn more about wine and join our sommelier who will guide you through countries, regions, vineyards and the famous wine houses. Join us for an evening as we journey from Bordeaux to Burgundy, from Barolo to Barbaresco.

The Cariblue Buffet

The same feeling of grandeur that is the hallmark of the restaurant works its way into the buffet. Inside the air-conditioned room the main buffet stations are white with black quartzite tops with a large raised mahogany counter where the chefs will explain what food is available, how it is made and steer you through the superb selection of foods to suit your taste and dietary needs.

They will also be delighted to arrange private cooking classes for you or a cooking demonstration for groups of friends. The live cooking will absolutely thrill you!

July 19th, 2011 – Penthouse Suite

st. lucia resort

It has been a long-held dream of ours to introduce a penthouse to the resort. Surely a penthouse epitomizes luxury; it is shorthand for the very best in hotel accommodation. The penthouse at The BodyHoliday will not disappoint you – it will be the jewel in our crown!

A great space

With its very own private entrance, the penthouse has been designed to create a very defined sense of luxury. Open-plan living, vaulted ceilings, a walk around bed, walk-in closet, ocean-view double bath and a wet bar characterize the space. The whole space has been designed to accommodate many spectacular features and to make the guests feel that they really are on top of the world!

A private Hammam

We have always attempted to bring to the vacation industry something fresh and new, and in the Penthouse we have done just that a private Hammam. Inspired by the steam baths of Turkey, the marble-slab heated massage bed takes your guests through a wonderfully relaxing combination designed to leave them totally refreshed. What better way is there to relax after a hard day than a deep cleansing session in your own private hammam?

Designed to perfection

Working with the best designers in the industry, we have left nothing out! Towering ceilings give an air of space and opulence, and this is offset by the luxurious fossil-shell stone marble floor. A freestanding wall unit divides the living and bedroom spaces and it accommodates a 360-degree rotating flat-screen television perfect for watching in bed or from the comfort of your own sofa. We have not held back on the design, and the attention to detail will leave your guests only wanting more.

July 14th, 2011 – Clubhouse Renovations

st. lucia resort, refurbishment

Since our early days, The Clubhouse has been at the very centre of activity at The BodyHoliday. Afternoon tea will still be served at four o’ clock in the best British tradition but we are adding a library and sports bar to relax in, enjoy free wi-fi and watch television. Then in the evening, it becomes a lively bar and a bbq for a more relaxed dining experience. We are adding to this great atmosphere with some very exciting new features. We think you will love them!

The Clubhouse Bar

One of the most exciting innovations will be a 17-foot circular bar at the front of the building overlooking the sea. Designed to give you the best possible view of the sea it will be created in two-color mahogany and ash to emulate a yacht’s deck. What better way is there to enjoy both the Caribbean Sea and the evening entertainment, than to sip a cool cocktail and mingle with your fellow guests?


The all-new Pavilion is to be built between the Clubhouse and a new infinity pool. This stunning new addition has been added as many of you have requested a lighter, more informal lunch. So it will house an Italian pizza oven and a South American inspired parrillada, serving a selection of food inspired by the Mediterranean; from Italy to Spain, Turkey to North Africa. With your food in hand and a glass of wine, sit outside in the new Piazza in the shade of a large pagoda umbrella, or choose to lie out on the lounge-style seating of the beach-front boardwalk.

Infinity Pool & Piazza

We are building two pools next to The Clubhouse; the first is an aquatic fitness infinity pool surrounded by large market umbrellas, chaise lounges, intimate cabanas and small drinks-tables. This pool then cascades down into the shallow pool that laps up to the boardwalk. The views of the Caribbean Sea will be stunning. Relax in the cool waters and take in one of the best views in the world.

July 8th, 2011 – Beach Enhancements

bodyholiday st. lucia

Cariblue beach is as near to picture perfect Caribbean as you can get and we want to add the overall look with these enhancements. We think that you will be really excited by the changes planned – the new boardwalk, new cabanas and new furniture that will create a new experience.

An evening stroll

The main aim of the development of the beachfront is to create a seamless flow between Cariblue, The Clubhouse and TAO and the sea front. A new boardwalk made from Ibe wood will wrap itself around the beachfront from TAO at one end of the resort right through to the end of the Cariblue dining area; perfect for a romantic evening stroll.

Dining al fresco

Grabbing an informal lunch at the new Pavilion or taking dinner at Cariblue will be far more exciting. Enjoy lobster and a glass of Mersault in the shade of a coconut palm during the day or enjoy candlelit dining at night under an old Sea Grape tree. Tables will be scattered along the boardwalk serviced by Beach Butlers so you can enjoy an evening drink to watch the sunset or have that last nightcap outdoors.


The BodyHoliday is all about relaxation and re-energizing and so we have enhanced your beachfront experience. Cabanas will pepper the beach and boardwalk area so you can truly relax under the Caribbean sun. If you get too hot then you can shower off in the new beach showers, then join friends in the new 360 degree bar at The Clubhouse for a cocktail – perfect!

July 5th, 2011 – The Wellness Centre

bodyholiday lesport

For over thirty years, The BodyHoliday has been at the cutting edge of the health and wellbeing industry and the wellness centre has been at the very heart of our offerings. As part of our refurbishment, we will improve key aspects of the centre designed to enhance your sense of relaxation.

Lobby Area

The all-new entrance will be transformed with the addition of Jerusalem stone and mosaics to create a stunning architectural feel.
A new booking process will mean that you can get the treatment or therapy that you want when you want it.

The Gym

Everyone who has worked out with Felix, who heads up the personal fitness area, knows that a work out with a former Mr. Commonwealth is an exhilarating session! Now we are more than doubling the size of the gym to give you more space and more opportunity to work out. Felix treats all his guests as individuals and his aim is to personalize as many of your sessions as possible. The new equipment is supplied by world-leaders Technogym.

The Skin Clinic

The Skin Clinic has been a success at The BodyHoliday for some time and is being upgraded to reflect this success. A new cool, contemporary, state-of-the art feel will be the signature and it will boast it’s own reception area and four treatment rooms, one with a private shower. You will now also be able to purchase your favourite speciality skin products in a new retail area.

June 29th, 2011 – Highlights of the Refurbishment

bodyholiday lesport resort

Although over the coming weeks we will let you know about many details of the refurbishment, we wanted to give you a quick overview of the main changes that will improve your client’s vacation the most. This exciting project means that we are looking at every detail of the resort from the main infrastructure to the towels in the changing rooms! We hope you like our plans.

Reception area

The reception area will undergo a facelift with new furniture, styling and check-in technology. Inspired by Caribbean elegance and natural elements, the new area will create a welcoming environment where you can relax and experience the superior personalised one-on-one service that epitomises The BodyHoliday.


Cariblue Restaurant and the Italian courtyard will undergo an extensive renovation. A new wine room for wine storage and tasting will be a great addition. The courtyard will be refurbished to create a comfortable sitting area and the restaurant itself will see a major overhaul from the roof down to the tiles! New waiter stations, larger party tables, terrace dining and a fully renovated and air-conditioned buffet will only add to your experience.

The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse, like Cariblue, will undergo a major facelift. The bar is to be extended and we are creating a cocktail lounge with a relaxed lounge feel. Dining will be more informal and we are creating areas for larger parties. Just outside the Clubhouse we are building a new Pavilion that is an al fresco kitchen and buffet featuring a pizza oven and parrillada. Perfect for light lunches and snacks. The other side of the Pavilion will be a new two-level infinity edge pool overlooking the sea.

The beach

We are taking the opportunity to create a greater emphasis on the beachfront area creating a closer relationship between the beach and promenade. A new boardwalk will wrap around the beachfront creating new sitting and dining areas. Perfect for taking lunch, afternoon tea, early evening drinks and dinner.

Wellness centre

A brand new lobby area with a new welcome desk will enhance your experience at the centre and improve the booking process. The gym will double in size, whilst the Skin Clinic is being enhanced to give the whole area a clean and modern look.

Penthouse suites

The addition of a Penthouse Suite has been a dream for a while and this year sees a dream come true! A stunning addition to the resort, the suite will have state of the art facilities and its very own private Hammam treatment room, offering you a unique spa experience in your very own exclusive space. This one-off unique Penthouse will be the ideal choice if you’re looking for an amazing experience not available anywhere else.

June 22nd, 2011 – Surely the most exciting development in St. Lucia and the Caribbean!

This summer, The BodyHoliday will undergo extensive renovations and refurbishment. As a family and a team, we are hugely excited by the prospect of taking our resort up another level – better facilities, better services and a few new ideas that will really excite you!

The BodyHoliday is always a new experience. A combination of a unique charm and an ageless spirit, we lovingly maintain this feeling and have continued to introduce new ideas, new thoughts and new approaches whilst preserving the essence of what makes it such a fabulous vacation.

For our guests, The BodyHoliday is an influential and special resort. Not only has it consistently been voted one of the best spas in the world, but also, we have endeavored to offer them the best facilities and amenities, the best treatments and therapies, the best food and drink. We will not lose that feeling, but we are very excited to be able to offer them a renovation like no other!

The $20 million makeover will make their stay more special than ever. From the reception area to the Wellness Centre, from the Clubhouse to a new Penthouse Suite, we are renovating, refurbishing and adding to the resort.

So on the 3rd July, we will close the doors of the resort and begin the process of overhauling the facilities. Over a 12-week period we will create an even more memorable place to stay.

As we are keen to keep you regularly updated we will be sending you a series of emails with photos of the makeover as it happens and details of what we are doing.
I hope that you will be as excited as we are and we look forward to welcoming you to The BodyHoliday to show off our stunning new resort.

Kind regards
Andrew Barnard

June 22nd, 2011 – Introduction

As a family and a team, we are hugely excited by the prospect of taking our resort up another level – better facilities, better services and a few new ideas that will really excite you too! The essence of The BodyHoliday remains the same; we’re still going to hold true to our four key pillars of relaxation, restorative beauty, good diet and exercise.

We’re adding to the resort, building on the experience and keeping that balance between the two as we’ve done successfully for many years. This is sure to be a renovation like no other! The $20 million makeover will make your stay more special than ever. During this time, we will also improve the skill sets of our team, so that we can continue to deliver the first class service that we are renowned for.

From the reception area to the wellness centre, from the Clubhouse to a new Penthouse Suite, we are renovating, refurbishing and adding to the resort. Join us on this exciting journey and see this thrilling transformation take place right before your eyes!

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