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The Oasis Academy Receives Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (CIBTAC) Certification

The Oasis Academy is pleased to announce its accreditation with the Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (CIBTAC), the Education Department of The British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC). On receipt of confirmation of certification, Albertha Augustin, Assistant Training Manager speaking on behalf of the Oasis said, “we had been preparing for this for the last few weeks and our hard work finally paid off. We are happy to say that we are the first in the Caribbean to be awarded with such an accreditation”.

CIBTAC is an International Examination Board responsible for the education and training of Beauty and Holistic Therapists worldwide. It has built up its reputation over 25 years and is renowned for its high levels of training and strict quality control. There are now over 150 schools in 18 countries accredited to offer the prestigious CIBTAC Awards. The BodyHoliday’s Oasis Academy leads the Caribbean in that it is the first training institute in its field now able to provide an internationally recognized certification.

CIBTAC’s reputation is maintained by only accrediting those schools that can offer a truly professional environment. All schools must satisfy CIBTAC that they can meet and maintain the very high standards set by the Board. In keeping with these high standards, this is what Jan Jones, CIBTAC Senior Education and Development Manager had to say on confirmation of the certification for the Oasis Academy. “CIBTAC is delighted to have its first centre accredited in St. Lucia and the Caribbean region and is so pleased that it should be The Oasis Academy. The excellent standards of treatments produced at The Oasis are a shining example to students who will be studying there and we have every faith that this will be a centre of excellence very soon.

The potential in the spa and well being industry that we have seen develop in other regions of the world, such as South East Asia, is set to happen in the Caribbean islands. More tourists seek a complete holiday experience that includes a return to nature, a variety of leisure and sport activities, relaxation, health and well being treatments. St. Lucia is an ideal place to experience all of this and just needs to aim for gold standard training to ensure those visitors return again and again”. Jan spoke as a visitor herself to the Oasis and also in her official capacity as a CIBTAC representative.

The Oasis Academy

The Oasis Academy is a Centre of Excellence in Health and Beauty and Spa Therapie Training, located on the grounds of The BodyHoliday, St. Lucia. Dedicated to educational development of both staff and the large Spa Industry, training courses are held throughout the year in a number of areas including skin histology and theory, hands-on treatment techniques and theory, professional etiquette and ethics, guest care and recommended therapeutic home care.

The Academy also offers Continuous Professional Development to practicing therapists throughout the Caribbean. Advanced workshops are available for Aestheticians, Physiatrists and Holistic Therapists. Experienced therapists and spa owners are also given the opportunity to increase knowledge and expertise within the Spa industry at the Academy.

The Oasis Spa Academy is well known for the Holistic Health and Beauty Therapist training course which includes the leading Spa product, Elemis and La Therapie. Modules are offered in Anatomy and Physiology; Swedish Massage including consultations and contra-Indications; Skin treatments including product knowledge and retail Skills; and Indian Head Massage. Health and Hygiene along with guest care and communication are also included in each practical module.

Successful candidates will now receive CIBTAC certification upon completion of their studies.

The BodyHoliday awards over $20 000 in Scholarships

The re-opening of school for the new academic year is always a challenge for parents. With that in mind, the BodyHoliday has been able to “ease the squeeze” as we say in St. Lucia, and as such has awarded 14 scholarships for this new academic year. Thirteen of these have gone to students attending various secondary schools on island and one to a young and enterprising employee Kadius St. Louis who is pursuing his BSc degree in tourism management at Monroe College.

Of the thirteen students who received awards, 5 are brand new scholarships, and these students have started secondary school this September. While Kadius pursues his part time studies at Monroe College in St. Lucia, the other students are currently at secondary school, completing grades 9 to 12.

It was Andrew Barnard, son of well known hotelier Craig Barnard and General Manager of The BodyHoliday who established the Barnard Scholarship Fund many years ago as a means of raising money and creating more opportunities for children who lacked the economic support to attend school. All of the sponsorship that he received from his
races was deposited into The Barnard Scholarship Fund.

That was how Andrew became involved with RacingThePlanet, organizers of the 4 Deserts event. This is a series of seven-day, 250 kilometre footraces across the world’s largest and most extreme desert climates.

In 2004, he participated in the Atacama crossing, placing 5th overall and first in the team event. In 2005, he raced the Sahara Desert. In June of 2007, he crossed the Gobi dessert. With one desert remaining in the challenge event, Andrew is at a crossroads. Still recovering from a major accident where his foot was badly injured, he is working hard on his recovery so that he may run again. The fund has grown and over the years has been supported by individuals and the corporate sector, including The Bank of Nova Scotia and Virgin Holidays.

Biggest Losers Come to The BodyHoliday

A whole new twist to being the Biggest Loser – Meet the Biggest Winners

“We really wanted an exotic wedding but our families wanted something different and we kind of compromised and had it at home” said the NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” contestants, Amy and Marty Wolff. That was before they had met Tammy Levent, Executive Director of The Elite Travel Management Group! Almost immediately, they became caught up in a whirlwind of her energy and before they knew what hit them, they were landing in sunny St. Lucia for the wedding of their dreams. And they did not have a clue.

Amy and Marty had made their reality television romance real when they got married last summer. Since then, they have had one hell-of-a-time re-doing their I-do’s at an all-expense paid wedding of a lifetime between the majestic Piton Mountains in a world heritage site on the lush, tropical Island of St. Lucia. This was complete with a helicopter landing, a designer wedding gown, a private yacht, a personal driver, and scintillating days spent at the world renowned BodyHoliday, which promises that if you “Give us your Body for a week and we’ll give you back your mind.”

“We found Tammy on Brides.com while planning our honeymoon. When she heard about the first ceremony, she offered to plan our perfect wedding for free,” says Amy. “We couldn’t be more excited about renewing our vows. This was the dream wedding we always wanted, and now we are actually doing it!” Amidst all of the laughter and fun and the thrill of the moment, Amy and Marty did find the time to meet with the wedding coordinator who had the simple task of ensuring that their wedding was flawless. It was! With the breath-taking Pitons in the background, and with the charming couple in the foreground, it was truly a match made in heaven.

Now Amy and Marty are not only more focused on keeping the weight off and living healthier, but they are armed with beautiful memories of their sunset cruise and champagne toast aboard a private yacht with St. Lucian saxophonist Barbara Cadet; an intimate gourmet dinner on the beach, a foray into a world of fencing and archery, and soothing treatments delivered at Coubaril Valley! Needless to say, they wanted to give the BodyHoliday their bodies for more than a week … the only challenge they faced – how to pack their bags and leave! And mind you, that was after they had done the zipline tour!

The BodyHoliday Brings Mogul Architecture to St. Lucia and the Caribbean in the new Ayurvedic Temple

The BodyHoliday, renowned for its Wellness Centre The Oasis, (recently ranked number 6 in the world by Conde Nast Traveller) takes wellness to a whole new level with the introduction of the new and authentic Ayurvedic Temple, featuring Mogul architecture and designs. One of the defining characteristics of the Ayurvedic Temple is the regal freshness that the Mogul design lends to the structure, the first of its kind not just in St. Lucia but certainly across the Caribbean.

Currently The BodyHoliday offers many specialized holistic treatments at the Wellness Centre including: Iridology; Acupuncture; Postural Alignment; Boreh Boreh; Swe-Thai Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage; and Japanese Rejuvenation. These treatments are performed by our experienced practitioners, many of whom bring with them a wealth of knowledge from several continents.

The new Ayurvedic Temple will complement the Wellness Centre and will offer the complete range of Indian holistic Ayurvedic treatments using some of the purest herbal oils and powders. Some of the treatments on offer are: Udvartana; Abhyanga; Kizhi; and Pizhi Chil. Dr. Abhishek Jain, our Consultant in Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy from India will lead the team at the Ayurvedic Temple, while St. Lucian Junior Simon will lead the Wellness Centre team.

The new Ayurvedic Temple at the BodyHoliday will draw its strength from a combination of local and overseas staff, some who come from Kerala India, the birth place of Ayurveda. The BodyHoliday developed the idea for this new temple, which will be the home of Ayurveda, a comprehensive medical system with roots over 5000 years old when teachings were passed from teacher to disciple. The Ayurvedic Temple at the BodyHoliday will be the only authentic place outside of India where people can truly experience mind body restoration which is comprehensive and authentic. The Ayurvedic Temple is expected to open in November of this year.

BodyHoliday Hosts Chaine des Rotisseurs 2008

While some of us enjoy the arts and the outdoors, there are others who are dedicated to the art of fine food and wine. These are the ones who belong to the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, an international gastronomic society dedicated to bringing together both professional and non-professional members worldwide, who appreciate and share a mutual interest in cuisine, wine and fine dining. The sheer diversity and international geographical presence of the Chaîne is not only impressive but that is what distinguishes the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs from other gastronomic organisations.

Each member is fortunate to be part of a Society that has a long culinary history and tradition which is still promoted and celebrated today through the Chaîne’s extensive international, national and local gala or fine dining events, hosted in the best local restaurants and hotels. With almost 24, 000 members in about seventy countries, the Chaîne is forever expanding and evolving. One unique point about the Chaîne is that membership is transferable worldwide. Additionally, members can be part of the Chaîne’s international network and participate in Chaîne events and activities in different countries across the globe. Consequently, it was no surprise that the Chaine would come to The BodyHoliday.

History of Chaine des Rotisseurs

Origin and Evolution

The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs was founded in Paris in 1950, a society devoted to promoting fine dining and preserving the camaraderie and pleasures of the table.

The Chaîne is originally based on the traditions and practices of the old French royal guild of goose roasters. By 1509, during the reign of King Louis XII, some new statutes were introduced, which resulted in the change of the name of the guild to “Rôtisseurs” and its activities were restricted to poultry, game birds, lamb and venison. In 1610, under King Louis XIII, the guild was granted a royal charter and its own coat of arms. For over four centuries the “Confrérie” or brotherhood of the Roasters cultivated and developed culinary art and high standards of professionalism and quality – standards befitting the splendour of the “Royal Table” – until the guild system was disbanded, together with all others, in 1793 during the French Revolution. The Rôtisseurs were almost forgotten until 1950 when Dr. Auguste Becart, Jean Valby and “Prince” Curnonsky (elected Prince of Gastronomes*), and chefs Louis Giraudon and Marcel Dorin resurrected the Society and created La Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.

Chaine today

Since its rebirth the society has grown dramatically, spreading its influence and presence worldwide. Today, the Chaîne brings together professional (such as chefs, restaurant and hotel owners and managers) and non-professional members from around the world, who share in the “spirit” of the Society and who appreciate and enjoy wine and fine dining. This association of people dedicated to fine cuisine, now devotes itself to promoting and developing the gastronomic values whilst at the same time widening its focus to ‘table art’.

The international headquarters (Siege Mondial) remains in Paris where the society was founded and the present day Chaîne des Rôtisseurs is still based on the traditions and practises of the ancient French brotherhood but now in a truly international and contemporary context.

Baillage comes to The BodyHoliday

The local chapter, under the leadership of Baille Vishal Bhalla, hosted St. Lucia Baillage at The BodyHoliday amidst the spirit and flurry of activity befitting the history of the Chaîne worldwide. By all accounts this was a banner evening, Chaîne decorations and all, with dinner prepared by TAO chef de cuisine, Mochsin under the auspices of Le Sport executive chef, Rajah Pillay.

Vive La Chaîne!

The BodyHoliday Health And Wellbeing Leader Richard Lockstone of to Beijing for the Olympics 2008

We are proud to announce that our Health and WellBeing Leader Richard Lockstone will attend the Olympics in Beijing, China in August this year. Richard will work as one of a small group of Personal Trainers from around the world to support athletes and coaches with their functional training focusing on specific equipment and its ability to enhance the athletes conditioning, prior to and during the events.

About Richard Lockstone

Having completed a BSc degree in Anatomy and Physiology, Richard has qualifications in exercise and pregnancy, Pilates and Sports related training and has a Personal Trainers Award. He combines personal training with health club management. Richard is qualified in 4 Les Mills training programmes and other group exercise systems. In June 2007 he joined The BodyHoliday as the Health and Wellbeing Leader where as part of the senior management team he has designed group fitness programmes to suit a resort guest clientele. Richard has also recently completed a diploma in SAQ Advance training and works with athletes to maximise their functional performance and biomechanics.

Group exercise is a key element to creating fantastic experiences within health clubs, resorts and training centres. Richard is a huge advocate to group exercise and has presented group fitness around the World including countries such as China, South Africa and New Zealand. Richard has also represented the UK fitness association “Fitpro” as a National BODYCOMBAT Assessor.

His motto: “Challenging yet achievable.”

BodyHoliday Donates over $65 000 to Charity

Some 20 years ago, the idea of all inclusive hotels was new to St. Lucia and to the tourism sector. The BodyHoliday at LeSPORT back in 1989 introduced an even more extraordinary version of the genre – one which included spa treatments in addition to the traditional idea of included items. Today the resort has developed into a sophisticated holiday of
health and well being against which there is no comparison or equal anywhere.

This holiday concept offers a holistic approach to health and wellness and is built on four key pillars of well being: eating well, relaxation, fitness and exercise and restorative beauty. This has taken several years of careful honing to create a perfectly balanced and restorative vacation with proven benefits to guests during and long after the vacation is over.

A dynamic process is required to manage this kind if holiday. It must constantly look inward and outward, to maintain its competitive advantage. Two key components of this development are staff and the community within which the resort operates. It is because of the interactions between staff and guest for example that the resort continues to win numerous awards. Most recently, The BodyHoliday has been rated number 6 in the world of “favourite overseas spa
retreats”. Already for 2008, the resort is nominated in the following categories in the World Travel Awards: Caribbean’s Leading Spa Resort; St. Lucia’s Leading Hotel; St. Lucia’s Leading Resort and St. Lucia’s Leading Spa Resort.

Along with the General Manager himself Andrew Barnard, some 95% of The BodyHoliday staff is St. Lucian. The resort is very aware that it owes a debt to the community which has played and will continue to play a critical role in its evolution and success. Therefore, the resort management takes complete pleasure in its ability to present over EC$65,000 to a number of organizations in St. Lucia. These include: Care Ltd., The St. Lucia Crisis Centre, The St. Lucia Blind Welfare Association, The Women’s Support Centre and The Barnard Scholarship Fund.

Historically, the resort has engaged in creating opportunities for helping the community in the carrying out of its day to day business. For example, part of the regular programme at Christmas and other festive occasions is the organizing of auctions for Charity. These are great fun and are always supported to the full by the guests at BodyHoliday, many of whom have been to the resort on multiple occasions.
After a successive number of auctions held at the resort, organized as entertainment events for guests, the money raised has now been made available to deserving non-governmental organizations. The most recent auction received support from a number of local business houses including: Anju Silvers, Barbay Ltd., Caribbean Giclee, Columbian Emeralds, Endless Summer Cruises, Eudovic’s Art Studio, Harry Edwards, The Inner Gallery, Jalousie Plantation, Rendezvous and Xaviers Art Studio.

CN Traveler Readers Vote Oasis #6

The BodyHoliday’s Oasis comes in at number 6 in the world listings of favorite overseas spa retreats

The Oasis at the BodyHoliday continues to receive international acclaim. In 2008, Readers of Conde Nast Traveler have listed The BodyHoliday at number 6 on their list of favourite “overseas” spa retreats.

These prestigious awards are the result of Conde Nast Traveler canvassing their readers and the results come from a poll taken in various categories. The votes placed BodyHoliday 6th in the top ten spas in the world.

Michael Bryant, Marketing Director said, “It is always a great honour to be in this position. Although the resort is no stranger to awards, it is a tremendous boost to the staff and the resort, not only to get the awards themselves, but to get them consistently year after year. It lifts the spirits of everyone in the team to receive this kind of recognition. It tells everyone that they are doing a good job. What’s more, recognition from the guests, is particularly special. On behalf of all the BodyHoliday team, I would like to thank all of them for voting for us”.

At the BodyHoliday, training is a critical part of maintaining this level of
consistent, continuous guest satisfaction. It is no surprise therefore that Albertha Augustin, The Oasis Assistant Training Manager has been awarded a Train the Trainer certificate from Steiner Leisure, the parent company of Elemis and La Therapie, world leaders for land and sea based spa products and treatments.

Albertha completed an initial week of training in La Therapie training followed by a further week of teacher training with the US lead trainer Donna Davidson. All the training was conducted at the BodyHoliday.

This specialized training will enable her to carry out La Therapie product and treatment training on behalf of Steiner Leisure here at LeSport. The BodyHoliday provides La Therapie advanced cosmo-ceutical treatments in the skin Clinic. These treatments are only delivered by highly skilled and experienced therapists as they involve the use of galvanic and high frequency treatments along with glycolic peels to enhance a variety of skin conditions.

You too can benefit from from the award winning and internationally respected Oasis at the BodyHoliday. See our dedicated Wellness Centre page for more information.

The Oasis Training Academy – Setting New Industry Standards Across the Caribbean with it’s Holistic, Health and Beauty Therapist Training Course

The BodyHoliday at Le Sport, home to the award winning Oasis, the world-renowned center of Health & Wellbeing breaks newground with its Holistic Health and Beauty Therapist Training Course.

A Property of SunSwept Resorts, The BodyHoliday is very pleased to be associated with this program that directly impacts the skills set of industry professionals. We are dedicated to Education. As members of the Caribbean Hotel Association and as fore-runners in the Spa industry, our audience tells us that we are undisputed leaders in the field. Therefore, we take pride in knowing that our standards of professionalism and commitment are valued throughout the community and around the world. We offer students the opportunity to share in this success. Successful candidates are awarded with the SunSwept Resorts Certification.

The course is lead by a University Lecturer and training instructor and is developed from an internationally recognized Syllabus in Holistic Health & Beauty Therapy including the leading Spa product Elemis. Our dynamic international team leads the health & well-being destination resort industry by offering world-class education in skin histology and theory, hands-on treatment techniques and theory, professional etiquette and ethics, guest care and sales skills. The following modules enable our students to consistently achieve and accomplish their personal best for maximum success.

Module 1: Anatomy, Physiology and Massage

Mdule 2: Aesthetics

Module 3: Specialised Signature treatments

Module 4: Product knowledge and Retail Skills

Module 5: Consultations and Contra-Indications

Module 6: Guest care and relations

A minimum of 3 Caribbean Examination Board Council qualifications or equivalent is required for entry into the Holistic Health & Beauty Therapy program. These qualifications should be in English, Mathematics and one other subject and should be at a Grade 3 or higher.

This intensive 14-week program incorporates Swedish Massage, Anatomy and Physiology, Aesthetics, Hydrotherapy/Thalassotherapy, Customer care and retailing skills, Health and Safety, Hygiene and Specialised products and skills. Assessment is continuous throughout the course and includes a series of assignments, projects and short question papers to monitor progress and achievement. Homework and home study completion is also essential to achieve the final certification.

The Oasis at The BodyHoliday congratulates the first group of students to graduate from the 2006 program as SunSwept Certified Holistic Health & Beauty Therapists, under the guidance of Training Manager Tracey Fletcher.

The course is offered Monday to Friday from 9 – 6pm at the Oasis Training Centre at The BodyHoliday.

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