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Benefits of Beetroot Juice

Customised Diets

At BodyHoliday, we’re dedicated to serving the culinary tastes and preferences of every guest. The culinary team is experienced in handling requests for gluten free, celiac, diabetic, low carb and low fat choices. Please indicate your dietary preferences to us before you arrive through your webroom.


If you want to have a fully customized diet during your stay, we can arrange a consultation with our Resident Nutritionist over the phone prior to your arrival. Our Nutritionist will then work closely with our Chefs to create your customized meal plan. The customized diet is ideal if you want to lose weight, build muscle mass, or have any special dietary requirements such as food intolerances or severe food allergies. This is a supplementary service and the cost depends on your length of stay. If you are interested, please contact our BodyHoliday Specialists Team for more information.