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Tasty Salmon at Body Holiday

Good food is a key ingredient to good living. At the BodyHoliday, Saint Lucia, it is also a one of the four pillars–including Exercise, Relaxation and Rejuvenation–that our philosophy of well-being is built on. Here, there is no distinction between gourmet food and healthy food. We believe in eating well, which is why all of the menus at BodyHoliday feature fresh, locally-sourced ingredients including produce from the resort’s own organic garden. We also believe eating well is a matter of taste–whether that’s dining on lobster, lunching on salad, taking high tea, sipping super juice or noshing on a burger.

Chef at Body Holiday

In each of the all-inclusive resort’s six restaurants and bars, our chefs, mixologists and sommeliers are intent on ensuring you savour every culinary experience. Whatever your order. And if a specialised diet is preferred, the BodyHoliday will have personalised menus created for you at each eatery throughout the resort.

So from homemade pizzas, freshly baked in the Pavilion Grill’s clay oven, I-tal’s world of gardening, organic living and tasty vegan lunch, delicious tasting menu in Windows, East West fusion from TAO, healthy wraps,salads and smoothies from the Deli or fine international cuisine and bountiful buffets at Breakfast, lunch and dinner in Cariblue, your body’s in for a treat.

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