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I-Tal Conscious Eating

Recapture the essence of the garden to table cuisine, inspired by our on-site organic garden. Share a guided experience with our eco-leader and I-Tal chefs while spending time harvesting produce. Assist our chefs as they produce a spectacular vegan feast, right in front of you. With fresh hand-picked and wholesome ingredients, enjoy an unforgettable dining experience with sweeping West-Indian views. Nestled away behind Coubaril Valley and in amongst the trees, with full access to BodyHoliday’s very own private garden.

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A fresh new eating concept at BodyHoliday

Indulging in delicious food and wine is often part of traveling but many of our guests are looking to eat more clean and to make thoughtful food choices based on their individual needs.

Conscious eating is less about declaring certain foods as bad and more about being mindful of where food comes from, how it’s produced, how your body will respond to it, and whether you’re making the best choices for you.


To reserve your hosted I-Tal experience (11:00 am – 2:00 pm), please book through our BodyHoliday Specialists or contact Concierge on arrival a minimum of 24 hours prior. Bookings available for groups of minimum 4 people and maximum 12.

Surcharge of US$110 per person applies