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The Wine Salon

One of the Caribbean’s most unique experiences, the Wine Salon at the BodyHoliday is designed as a guide to the world of wine. Winner of Wine Spectator magazine’s Award of Excellence, guests to the salon are invited to sample a variety of wines, paired with cheese and preserves.

The BodyHoliday’s wine programme was born of our desire to introduce our guests to a deeper level of appreciation of the many ways in which wine contributes to wellness at the dining table.


Our view is that wine is a co equal partner with food in our restaurants and when paired well, good wine and thoughtfully prepared cuisine bring forth the finest expressions of both.

Certain nuances of flavour and texture in our cuisine, which draws heavily upon local and continental influences, are made more accessible and in some cases are greatly amplified when married to wines with synergistic attributes. Both our inclusive wine selection and our diverse supplemental offerings are selected always with food in mind.


Wine Cellar at Body Holiday
Louis Pasteur (1822-1895)

« Wine is the most healthful and hygienic of beverages.

Wine Glasses at Body Holiday

Our sommeliers uncover the complexities and nuances of each bottle–visiting experts explain viticulture and the science behind the cultivation of grapes. The programme is designed to encourage guests to explore wine tasting, and–if desired–also choose a vintage for their dinner table.

We’ve created opportunites for our guests to come into our wine salon and taste a featured flight of wines, usually accompanied by cheeses and preserves. We offer fun and educational wine tastings aimed at taking the stuffiness and intimidation out of wine, replacing them with delicious and accessible opportunities to taste and see why wine can be such a joyous component of our Wellness offering.

In moderation wine can be beneficial and contributes to wellness at the dinner table. When at the resort the concierge can arrange for you to attend one of our tastings.