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WellFit Presenter at Body Holiday


Welcome to BodyHoliday.

A very warm welcome to BodyHoliday this December. If this is your first time here, then prepare for the extraordinary and if you have been before, thank you so much for giving us another go. We aim to make it better each time you come, if we can.


Box Fit for Calorie Burning

Each December and for some years now, we’ve featured our “Pre Christmas Restorative break” in the period leading up to Christmas. Now with top athletes as guest presenters, we show you how to get in shape for the festive onslaught and at the same time help you to have the time of your life.



If you are lucky enough to be staying with us at the Festive time, then you are in for a real treat. Although BodyHoliday is a ready-made antidote for Yuletide excess, we do not skimp on the festive goodies. We can’t promise snow but there will be Turkey with all the trimmings, eggnog, mince pies and Santa on the Beach.



New Year’s Eve at BodyHoliday is always memorable. A stylish Champagne and Canape reception at the Wellness Center is followed by a lavish ( and delicious) buffet featuring every kind of food imaginable. Incredible fireworks at Midnight are best seen from the Clubhouse deck.

WellFit Presenter at Body Holiday


Colin Jackson: Olympic Hurdler




Saint Lucia’s coastline is full of beauty, full of mystery and full of adventure – from the Mystic Mountains to the interior Rain Forest and there’s beauty on land, on the sea and under the waves. For sea-lovers, we have put together a list of exciting sea-trips, just for you.



Treat yourself to a half-day private charter on board Aurora Rose, our 24-foot sailboat and explore St Lucia’s exotic coastline. Sail the Caribbean sea and drop anchor in Rodney Bay and cool off with a swim, picnic and champagne. Look too at the Sailing Club certified programs.


Custom Made for you

If you haven’t yet registered your own personal web room for custom building your BodyHoliday

then why not do it right now…You can schedule any of the above activities and your spa treatments, journeys and healthy Ageing programmes-in fact absolutely everything even if it’s just to ask for a feather pillow…


While we are in the spirit of Goodwill to all men and children, can we remind you gently of our revitalized “Cares” programme

Guests recently donated $45,000 from the BodyHoliday Cares Fund to the Monchy Primary School,here in St Lucia, as part of the resorts’ ongoing corporate social responsibility activities.  BodyHoliday ‘Cares’ is funded by guest donations, on island contributors and fund-raising events throughout the year.

By this contribution you are facilitating the conduct of a unique after school programme for students who require additional support to do better at school.  A total of 44 students spread across grades 4 through 6 will benefit in this pilot phase, of what is intended to become replicable over time.

The Cares Fund is where your $2 per bed night goes, and those funds enable you to join us in our unrelenting quest to “change lives one person at a time”.  We know you want to give back. We all do.  And so, the Cares Fund is your outlet to give to those in need. The good thing is, whilst you can’t go to the trenches with us, your gifts go for you.

That’s not all. On November 2nd, we handed over a cheque of EC$50,000 to the St Lucia Cerebral Palsy Association. It will go a long way to making life a bit easier for children living with the disorder, as well as help their parents create sustainable livelihoods for themselves, since it is difficult to hold full time jobs while caring for their children.

We’d love you to know what we have been up to recently and our plans for 2019 and indeed how you can help.

And finally, to all our kind guests who have helped make this possible, a heartfelt thanks from us and wishing you a very Happy Holiday time this year.

As we said earlier, there is a voluntary $2 per night donation that can be added to your hotel account, but we also know there are many guests who would like to find out how they can help more. To this end click on the button below to send an e mail to Jackie, who handles all of the BodyHoliday Cares activities.