Amanda Stokes, yoga retreat

Amanda Stokes

Amanda was initially introduced to (and enamored by) yoga during her travels throughout South East Asia. Practicing on a small island in Thailand, she fell in love with its ability to transform…transform your day, your breath, your mindset, your body, and your awareness of all of the above. Upon moving home to Toronto, she continued her own practice and discovered so much about herself; where she was (and was not) in her life.

She is  incredibly happy with her decision to fully immerse herself in the YTT program at Yoga Space in Toronto, and finally complete her 200 Hour training. She credits her depth and understanding of the body and breath to her teachers, Kathryn Beet and Patricia White, as well as her love for yogic philosophy to the renowned vedic/yogic philosopher, Hali Schwartz; who opened the door to a whole new (spiritual) world for her.

She currently teach Hot Hatha, Power Vinyasa Foundation, Breathe Flow Meditate and Core Fusion, at the Chopra Yoga Centre in Toronto. Furthermore, she volunteers at the YMCA teaching Hatha and Vinyasa to beginners as well as the traditional Ashtanga Primary Series. She disagrees whole heartedly with the old adage “No pain, No gain”. She believes it should be natural to experience no pain during your workout and her philosophy leans more heavily in the direction of “If it feels good, do it (if not, please don’t!)”. Her classes emphasize body awareness and relaxation, not just attaining the perfect posture.

She feels so blessed to have found a career that she loves that will always keep her creating, moving, growing and learning!

Find more about Amanda’s classes here.



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