Dr. Maha Lakshman, wellness retreat

Dr. Maha Lakshman

After completing a medical Degree in holistic medicine from Dr.MGR Medical University, India, Maha started working as a Wellness Naturopathic consultant in India. He taught traditional yoga, breathing techniques and different types of meditation to the guests.  Dr.Maha also worked in Cruise lines for 3 years as a Holistic consultant and Acupuncturist.

Dr.Maha joined the wellness center at The BodyHoliday, LeSPORT in 2012 to lead the Ayurvedic Centre. He also offers holistic consultations and various holistic therapies.

During October Yoga, he will be offering a Special Technique called spiritual eye gazing meditation. Spiritual Eye Gazing or “Trataka” is a process of concentrating the mind and curbing its oscillating tendencies. In Trataka, the result is a ‘blanking out’ of visual perception, and in the wake of this suspension, the central nervous system begins to function in isolation. The session also includes a short visual imagery meditation. Trataka is highly effective in treating dry eyes, improving vision, pre-vent cataract and other ageing signs of the eyes.





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