Dr. Samantha Semmalar, Wellness Center

Dr. Samantha Semmalar

Dr Samantha is a graduate in yogic and natural medicine. She has been working as a yoga instructor and wellness consultant for seven years in various wellness centers in India. Her goal is to train the human body on how to improve the immunity in natural ways to fight against disease and disorders.

She teaches rejuvenative, restorative and therapeutic yoga. Her techniques not only include hatha yoga but also emphasize on prana yoga, pranayama, yoga therapy, chakra meditation, transcendental meditation etc.

In addition, she is a Henna Art Designer; specialized in traditional Indian henna design and Arabic henna art.

 Samantha’s Classes include:

Traditional Hatha Yoga – Level 1 & 2

This class consists of loosening exercises, joint movements, sun salutations followed by a set of traditional Hatha yoga postures in standing, sitting, supine and prone lying positions. It helps to develop balance of the body and mind, increase flexibility and joint mobility. It also helps to reinforce the strength of spine & improves body flexibility. Samantha presents a surprisingly modern and practical take on ancient asana, pranayama, meditation, bandhas and mudras.

Pranayam – Yogic Breathing

Breath awareness is so important that, in a sense, you can say that the whole science of breath begins with awareness, and ends with awareness. Everything else, in the middle, is preparation for awareness.  We all should experience the wonderful breathing techniques which really expands our life. Practice of pranayama develops a steady mind, strong will power.  It also bridges the body and mind and improves the quality of life.

Yoga for Back Pain

Back pain, one of the common problems of present day, is caused due to stress and tension in the muscles that support the spine. This class is not only for those who have back pain but also those who want to correct and maintain the natural curvature of the spine. There will be specific postures to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles and help the body maintain a proper upright posture and movement. It eases back pain, by stretching and strengthening the muscles of the back. It increases blood circulation brings healing nutrients to the injured tissues. 

Hara Yoga – Yoga for Gastro-Intestinal Health

Yoga balances all systems of the human anatomy by massaging the glands and organs of the body. Massaging specific internal organs can stimulate the glandular system that causes diabetes. Organs such as the pancreas and other endocrine glands are activated when they are stretched or compressed initiating an increase in the volume of oxygenated blood to the cells. This practice also helps to strengthen the digestive system.

Yoga for Women

Specially made for women; there will be some of the basic joint movements, sun salutations, postures to increase range of motion, strength and endurance. Postures to improve the functions of gastrointestinal and endocrine glands and some postures beneficial for reproductive and menstrual related problems, to give better sleep and so. It ends with relaxation.

Yoga is an excellent practice for women at every stage of life. It gives  assistance and strength to women so that they will be able to handle challenges and stress, whether emotional or physical. Yoga asana which strengthen the abdominal muscles are good for reducing women’s problems related to lower abdomen. The practice can be beneficial for menstrual problems like dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, and irregular menstruations.

Prana Yoga

This is suitable yoga for everyone. Gently flowing class incorporating various yogic postures synchronized with breathing (deep inhalation – holding – slow exhalation). It gives feelings of accomplishment, clarity of mind, vitality & tranquility.

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