Sharron Davies

We welcome back Sharon to lead an exciting week of Wellfit Families! Sharron Davies is an immensely successful British swimmer and broadcaster who occupies a position as one of the UK’s best known and most popular women since she burst onto the scene as a 13-year-old Olympian in 1976. Sharron has represented as a British Olympic Ambassador in London as well as pool side getting Michael Phelp’s first interview after becoming the world’s most decorated Olympian. Sharron Davies MBE is the ultimate Olympian. She has attended 10 Olympic Games – three as an athlete and six as a broadcaster, and has unparalleled experience over the past 35 years as a competitor and broadcaster. Sharron was a key part of the BBC commentary team in 2012 and was used by the BBC and the Government as an Athletes representative, in planning 2012. Sharron competed in her first International at 11, and at 13, she was the youngest member of the 1976 Olympic Team in Montreal. She was a double gold medalist at the Commonwealth Games in 1978, an Olympic Silver medalist in the Moscow 1980 Olympics and holds five World Masters Records.

Sharon was the British record holder in 400m for over 30 years, and the Commonwealth record holder for 8 years. With a 20 year career in the pool over three different decades, Sharon holds over 40 national titles and has held over 200 British records in over 20 different events and distances. Outside of sport she has become a popular TV personality and most recently starred in the 2010 series of Dancing on Ice. Sharron’s middle child Grace, 15, has now represented England three times in track and field. Sharron is a busy motivational speaker. Her speech is based on her own life ‘ups and downs’ experiences and how to adopt a positive ‘glass half full’ approach at all times. She will lead key themes on teamwork, preparation, planning and leadership. She also offers a unique insight into the 2012 Olympic Games. As a healthy, active 47 year old busy mum of three children (15, 11 and 3) she is a great role model and passionate about encouraging healthy living and participation in sports for everyone, and is committed to combating childhood obesity.


Sunday, 3rd August to Sunday, 10th August, 2014

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