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St lucia food and drink

There are so many things to do on land, on the sea and under the sea, its mind-boggling…check out some of the most asked questions here….

1. What activities/classes are available?

Apart from the water sports and SCUBA diving activities; our Activities staff do land sports, which include ALL LESSONS i.e., Golf (Introduction, Elementary and Intermediate), Fencing (Introduction and Intermediate), Volley Ball (beach and pool), Archery (Introduction and Intermediate), Tennis (Introduction and Intermediate). Also included in our Land sports are Morning walks, and Bike Rides. Our Activities Programme also consists of a number of holistic classes such as Hatha and Restorative Yoga, T’ai Chi, Meditation and Pilates. Our Fitness Classes include BodyTone, BodyBurn, BodyCircuit, Martial Fun and AquaFun. The scheduling of these classes is subject to change on a daily basis. More information is available in our very informative weekly Activities Booklet.

2. Can I book activities/classes before I arrive at BodyHoliday?

You do not need to book the activities in advance, as they are open to everybody. If you want to however, you can, through the services of The BodyHoliday Specialists.

3. How safe it is to swim in the sea?

The sea at BodyHoliday is safe to swim in. If at any point the sea gets too agitated, we put up a Red Flag. When the red flags are flying on the beach, this means that our water sports staff considers the conditions to be dangerous. We would respectfully request that you do not go into the sea if the flags are up.

4. Is it alright to leave my personal effects on the beach?

Please remember that the beach is public, and so we recommend that personal belongings should not be left unattended.

5. Is diving included in the all-inclusive rate?

Day time beach dives are included but boat dives and night dive are not. Our scuba team can help you book diving excursions on the many reefs around the island.

6. Is the dive equipment included free of charge?

All equipment is provided however if you prefer you may bring your own. We do also hire out wet suits.

7. What happens if I’ve never dived before?

Persons who have had no diving experience are welcome to do the Introduction to Scuba class, which is 3 hours long. The class takes place Monday through Friday at 9:00 am. It entails watching a video, going out for practice in the pool after which, if you feel comfortable you go out into the ocean for a shallow dive – your first shore dive. You can also continue with one of two certification courses offers by the Hotel.

8. How long are the dives?

Area dives are long. Shore dives are 40 minutes.

9. Where do I dive while on holiday? Boat dives /  shore?

Only day time beach dives are done here on property up to about 30ft in depth. Boat dives can be arranged at an extra cost. Snorkeling is done on property however if you want to visit the rest of the dive sites on the Island, we offer snorkel trips at an additional cost.

10. Do I have to book any water sports?

All inclusive water sports activities are done on a first come first serve basis. Supplemental activities have to be booked.

11. What type of engine does the boat have for water skiing?

We have a 200hp Mercury Outboard on a 18 foot triton ski boat.

12. What type of sailing equipment do you have?

We have 5 Hobie wave 13 foot sailboats and 1 Hobie Getaway 16 foot sailboat, 2 X-treme 26’s and 1 J24 sailing boat.

13. How much is the PADI Scuba Diver Course?

The PADI SCUBA Certification course takes up to 2 days to complete and dives are up to 40 ft. The cost is US$375.00. The PADI Open Water Certification course takes up to 3 days to complete and dives are up to 60 ft. The cost is US$550.

14. Do you offer night diving?

Night dives are offered twice weekly (weather permitting) at an additional charge of US$77. This charge includes use of equipment.

15. How often is the diving equipment inspected?

We maintain the highest standard of safety and cleanliness on all our equipment. The air tanks are visually inspected once a year and hydrostatically inspected every five years. They were last inspected in November 2016.

16. What is the temperature of the water?

The water temperature ranges from 75 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, 24 to 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

17. What is visibility like for diving?

Visibility ranges from 50 to 80 feet, 15 to 25 meters on most dives, to as much as 120 to 150 feet, 35 to 50 meters on exceptionally good days.

18. What is the min stay to complete the basic PADI course?

Basic PADI courses take 4 hours per day for three days.

19. Is snorkeling free?

Yes. Off shore snorkeling is.

20. What are the sizes of the sails and boards available?

4 meter – 6.3 meter sails / Boards, 305 – 335 cm.

21. Are there harnesses?


22. How strong is the wind?

15-20 m.p.h. (on a good day).

23. What hours can I surf?

Anytime between 10am and 4:30pm.

24. Do I need to sign up in advance?

All inclusive activities are done on a first come first serve basis.

25. Do you have free weights?

Yes, dumb bells only – 5 lbs to 55 lbs.

26. Do you have a personal trainer?

We have a Gym Instructor / Personal Trainer, Julian Felix, on staff. He will work with you to design an exercise programme to help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

27. What type of cardio equipment do you have?

Treadmill Life Cycles, Bike, Step Master.

28. What kind of aerobic classes do you have?

We offer a range of Branded Aerobic classes: BodyTone, BodyBurn, BodyCircuit, BodyStretch, Martial Fun, Aqua Fun, Dance Fun, Absolution, Step This Way and On the Ball Golf

29. Where is the golf course and how do I get there?

The golf course is just two minutes away by taxi.

30. Is golf included in the cost of the holiday?

Pay for 9 holes at The St. Lucia Golf and Country Club and BodyHoliday will pay for an additional 9 holes.

31. What equipment do I need and can I hire equipment?

Golf clubs, balls and a cart/buggy, which can all, be rented at the Golf course.
The costs include:
Golf Clubs can be rented at a cost of US$ 20 for 9/18 holes
Golf Carts can be rented at a cost of US$ 35 per person for 9 or 18 (carts are mandatory)
Shoe rental US $10 for 9/18 holes
You can pre-book rounds of Golf prior to your arrival through The BodyHoliday Specialists.

32. What is the golf course like?

The course is a newly designed, fully irrigated 6829-yard par 71 championship golf course. For a closer look at the golf course, please visit www.stluciagolf.com.

33. What golf equipment is provided?

None, all must be rented at the Golf course.

34. What kind of golf attire is required?

Appropriate golfing attire is required. You may wear either shorts or trousers and polo shirts or shirts with collars. Proper golf shoes are also required. Golf shoes should have soft spikes or clubs, not metal ones and golf sneakers/trainers are allowed.

35. Where do the walks take place?

On the Island, through its forests to see some of the more scenic parts such as the Volcano and Gros Piton.

36. How do we get to the Soft Adventure Walks?

You are driven in Sports Utility Vehicles.

37. How much do the Soft Adventure walks cost?

Cost  is US$150.00.

38. What attire is appropriate for walking?

You should wear comfortable clothing, hiking boots, or sneakers.

39. How long do the Soft Adventure walks last?

Walks are normally half day or whole day.

40. What sights are we likely to see?

Soufriere, The Sulphur Springs, Diamond Falls, The Pitons.

41. Do we need reservations for Soft Adventure walks?

Yes, sign-up at the Activities desk at least 48 hours in advance, (normally flexible) or with the BodyHoliday Specialists.

42. Do any of the tours involve overnight?

Yes. Turtle watching which normally happens from April to June.

43. Does the hotel or an outside agency run these tours?

The Hotel does run the tours.

44. If I have booked a tour, can I cancel it at any time?

Should the need arise where you need to cancel your tour this must be done at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled departure. You may cancel with the Activities Desk or Concierge to avoid the penalty charges that will accrue otherwise.

47. Is it important to bring my confirmation slip with me if I am going on tour?

Yes, you should bring your confirmation slip with you when proceeding on tour. You will need to give this to the Soft Adventure Coordinator before the tour leaves the resort.

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