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Fitness holidays caribbean

Here are the top questions asked about the property itself…

1. Do you have facilities for kids?

We have a minimum-age policy which is 16 years and over. The age limit drops to 12 years and over during the following periods: Easter break, Summer months and Christmas holidays.

2. Do you cater for handicapped persons or have handicap facilities?

The BodyHoliday is not totally wheelchair accessible. There are elevators, but in most areas here there are steps and ramps. Therefore, a handicapped person may find it difficult to get around comfortably in most areas. However, as a leading luxury Caribbean hotel we do our best to assist our handicapped clients on wheelchairs in getting around to specific areas of the resort.

3. What types of current or electrical outlets are used in St. Lucia?

British three-pin 220-volt outlets are standard on the island of St. Lucia. Most rooms are also equipped with American 110-volt outlets. If there is no 110-volt outlet in a room, transformers and/or adaptors may be obtained from the concierge. You are also welcome to bring along any adapters that you may need.

4. How close is the Hotel to the beach?

The BodyHoliday at LeSPORT is a beachfront property, meaning; you are only a few footsteps away from taking a dip in the Caribbean Sea.

5. Are newspapers available at the resort?

We do not carry any newspapers. However, there are public computers throughout the resort on which you can check the latest news updates.

6. Are there televisions in any of the rooms?

None of our guest rooms are equipped with televisions. We have found that this has been tremendously beneficial to our guests by enhancing the social life and the atmosphere of wellbeing. However so that guests can follow the important news and sports events from around the world, we do have a wide-screen television, located in the Clubhouse.

7. Is everything included in my BodyHoliday?

The bodyholiday is an All Inclusive Resort, most everything you could desire is included in the price of your vacation at this luxury Saint Lucian hotel in. As you will see, it includes, your accommodation, all your meals, drinks, your programme of body treats, fitness, relaxation, sports (including golf and scuba), master classes, BodyBalance, BodyScience and BodyAware programmes, professional instruction in all activities and sports, personal fitness trainer and dietitian. It is quite simply the best value of any all inclusive Caribbean luxury resort. For full details, please refer to the What’s included button.  Telephones calls, laundry and boutique items are of course at an extra charge and there are also a few “extras”.
All supplements are clearly indicated, with no misleading small print.

Also, did we tell you that you also get a massage per day included?

8. Can I use my mobile/cell phone in St. Lucia?

Yes, if using the satellite systems with TDMA and GSM bandwidth. The Caribbean uses totally different frequencies from those in the US/ UK. Therefore, clients should check with their mobile/cellular phone provider at home before travelling to St. Lucia. On the island, you can also consult one of our three cell phone providers, Cable & Wireless, Digicel or Cingular Wireless.

9. Can we rent mobile/cellular phones in Saint Lucia?

Yes, Cable and Wireless (The local telecommunications company) will rent you mobile/cellular phones on both a long term and short-term basis for your Caribbean stay on St. Lucia. More information can be obtained from our concierge desk at the hotel.

10. Can I get a discounted rate as a repeat guest?

The BodyHoliday is renowned for the recognition it gives to the huge number of guests who return to this leading luxury caribbean resort time and time again. Over many years, The BodyHoliday has continued to upgrade its facilities, including BodyScience, investing in more and more diverse activities, and provide a vacation holiday experience that is equaled by no other. For these reasons it is not common practice for us to discount.

11. Is WIFI available on the property?

“Wifi could be short for ‘worrying-infinitely’. 

Our Guests come to BodyHoliday to avoid just that. Given the chance, this is the place for you to unplug and feel human again. For your personal convenience wifi is available in your bedroom, or in the Lobby and the Library.


Give us your body for a week, and we will give you back your mind.

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