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Bench Pressing Tips
Are You Bench Pressing Correctly?

Remember that Bench Pressing is a full body movement. The technique remains the same whether or not you have 5 pounds or 500 pounds on the bar. The primary muscles used in this exercise are pec major (chest), triceps (back part of your arm), and anterior deltoid (front part of your shoulder).Follow these tips and start pressing correctly.


  • Make yourself small on the bench (pull shoulder blades together and rotate down)
  • Correct your elbows so they don’t flair out (wrists and elbows should be in a straight line)
  • Crush the bar and pull it apart while lowering to your chest
  • Drive your heels into the floor
  • Press to full extension

Common Mistakes:

  • Not setting up on the bench properly
  • Not lowering the bar all the way to your chest
  • Letting the weight fall to the chest
  • Letting your elbows flair out to the sides (very tough on your shoulders)
  • Bar is too far towards your neck
  • Feet come off of the floor

To ensure that you are working out correctly, have a one on one session with Martin or Felix when you join us.

bench press correctly

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