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Wellfit Trail at Body Holiday
BodyHoliday Adventure

At BodyHoliday every day is an adventure. Give us your body for a week, and we’ll give you back your mind.

At BodyHoliday, we offer a wide range of water and land activities to facilitate all our guests’ fitness needs. Our group exercises are divided into distinct categories, our mind & body classes offer yoga, tai chi, meditation, body stretch, Pilates, and Qi Gong. BodyHoliday adventure offerings include holistic classes will combine both physical exercise and stretching with awareness of the mind. The multiple benefits that our guests find when joining our Mind & Body offerings are a decrease in stress, increased flexibility and an improvement of abdominal core strength.



We also offer fitness and tone classes, where our guests can relax, have fun, dance to the beat of the music and have an enjoyable time, all of this while improving their cardiovascular system and working on developing stronger muscles. Our fitness classes are for all levels, with something for each person, from those that have just started back their fitness regime, to those training for marathons or triathlons, and that are pushing their bodies to the maximum level.  At BodyHoliday, our guests have the option to start their days with relaxing morning walks, join tennis, or golf classes with our resident pros.

Similarly, for those people seeking nutritional advice, joining a weight loss program, or simply getting back on track felix600x900with their nutrition, our resident exercise physiologist and nutritionist, offers private sessions where through a combination of consultations, workshops, and healthy cooking classes, guests can learn to develop healthier eating and physical activity habits. If you are new to the gym, or wish to work on your form and routines, we also have a Commonwealth Gold Medalist as the senior personal trainer at BodyHoliday gym who can help motivate and encourage to achieve results faster.

If you fancy a day out of the resort where you can keep up your activity level, enjoy the outdoors and at the same time be able to relax and enjoy everything that St. Lucia has to offer, we have different water and land tours in our adventure program.

Our West Coast tour is one of the favorite excursions of our guests. It is a day well-spent traveling the spectacular Caribbean West Coast and driving through the rainforest, visiting the fishing village of Anse La Raye, and visiting Soufriere, where our guests can visit the volcano, sulphur springs, waterfalls, and botanical gardens. We also provide different hikes where you can explore St. Lucia and take a walk on the wild side. Our various hikes include, in order of difficulty from less to more: The Piton Nature Walk, which is a gorgeous walk to the top of Gros Piton where the beautiful views and scenic nature trail will awe even the avid hiker. The En Bas Saut Hike, our intermediate hike which includes hiking in the rainforest and then having a refreshing swim by a cascading waterfall. Lastly, our top challenging climb, is the Gros Piton Climb, a four-hour hike, for those who have a high fitness level, and want to see with their own eyes the stunning landmark of St. Lucia.


Lastly, we also offer the Errard Waterfall Abseil, an exciting adventure where the trail descends and takes our guests across the Dennery River and finishes with the thrill of abseiling down a 120ft waterfall. We provide all the equipment, and our well-trained guides will ensure your trip is as safe as it is breath-taking and fun.


We invite you to join us at BodyHoliday and meet our team that will be there to assist, encourage, and motivate you through your fitness quest.

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