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If you’ve ever peered through the window of a spin studio and thought to yourself there is no way on earth you are stepping inside you are not alone, I think this is a common thought among those that have never tried group cycling and I very often hear people say they need to get fit before they start to spin. Well hopefully we can change that thought process, yes indoor cycling is one of the most intense interval sessions available but as I always say to newcomers the beauty is you are in control and you can tailor your workout to your ability.

Another point I like to make is that for beginners to group exercise indoor cycling is always a great place to start for those of us that are a little less coordinated, if you are the only person going left when everyone else is going right in an aerobics class it’s going to be pretty obvious. When you are riding you are in your own little bubble, you have your own bike and your own space around you, there is no way you can be the only person going in the wrong direction and everyone around you is in their bubble paying no attention to you.

So what can you expect when you give it a go?

  • Well firstly there is the great music and a motivating instructor; a great combination for a fun packed workout!
  • The difference in a long steep climb to flat out sprints pushes your cardio vascular system to its limits, allowing you to see greater cardiovascular endurance benefits than cycling at a steady pace for a longer period of time in the gym.
  • Rapid calorie burning resulting in body fat loss, without the impact on the joints from exercises such as running.
  • The increase and decrease in resistance along with standing or sitting on the bike often results in increased muscle tone particularly around the stomach, hips and thighs.

What are you waiting for, try a class today and spin yourself slim!