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Golf Course in St Lucia
Improve your Golf Game

Are you trying to improve your golf game? We all know some golfers such as Tiger Woods have embraced strength training as part of their regular training programme which has been a crucial part to his and other golfer’s success.

So what should you focus on to improve your golf game? I think the most important piece to any golfers game is to focus on the correct fundamentals of the swing. Look at hiring a professional to critique your current swing and see where you can make improvements. After the appropriate action is taken to ensure your swing is effective, let’s discuss what areas of strength training can benefit your game.

Golf is mainly a game of rotation, power, and finesse. In order to have an effective strength training routine you need to address all of these areas. You will never be able to generate maximal rotational power unless you have good flexibility through the hips and shoulders. In addition, you also need a strong rigid core so that your energy and power is transferred through the club and into the ball.

Check out our short workout here at The BodyHoliday on a few exercises that you can incorporate to improve your golf game.



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