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The Piton Nature Walk
Piton Nature Walk

The Piton Nature Walk will help you keep up your activity level, enjoy the outdoors and at the same time be able to relax and enjoy everything that St. Lucia has to offer!

The Piton Nature Walk is a tour that takes you to the “Tet Paul Nature Trail” and to the Piton Falls. The tour leaves the resort at 9:00am and returns at 4:00 pm. The Tet Paul Nature Trail is an easy 45-minute hike where one can start the day admiring the wonderful views of St. Lucia in a scenic heavenly trail. During this walk you will be taken through St. Lucian history, and you will be able to see pineapples being harvested, and all kind of local fruits and exotic horticulture. On this hike, there is also an example of a traditional house which provides an opportunity to see how the ancestors of St. Lucia lived and immerse oneself in the beauty of the island and discover the fascinating local culture.

The experience is a great one, and if you don’t feel like hiking the Pitons because of the intense work it requires, then this alternative is a great one for you. You will still get the same beautiful views as you would if you did the Gros Piton Climb but with half the physical effort. In the “Tet Paul Nature Trail” you will be able to see all kinds of traditional medicinal plants and guava, avocado and soursop trees and reconnect with nature while taking an adventure off the beaten path.

The second part of the tour visits the warm and relaxing Piton falls. As an interesting fact, the name of these falls is not “Piton falls” because the water is falling from any of the Pitons but because of its proximity to Petit Piton. The special feature of these wonders of nature are that the water is warm and to get to them you have to go through a tropical rainforest to reach them. Trust me that after the relaxing hike to Tet Paul Nature Trail you will feel even more relaxed after submerging into the mineral water cascades.

We invite you to join us for a beautiful day out well spent in this beautiful Caribbean island!

For more information, or bookings please visit the Activities Office.

By: Diana Ancona – from Ancona Wellness 

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