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Plyometric Movements
Plyometric Training

So what are plyometrics?

Simply put, plyometric exercises are powerful and fast movements usually done very explosively. You may have seen others in the gym performing box jumps, jump squats, medicine ball slams, or medicine ball throws, but you can use your own body weight to perform plyometric movements as well.

A common misconception is that only athletes need to perform plyometric movements. However, this is not true and we can all benefit from them.

You don’t have to be an athlete to incorporate plyometric movements into your fitness routine. In fact, adding a few of these exercises to your routine can help increase your overall power, speed, quickness, and agility. As a word of caution for someone who has minimal training experience, be sure to incorporate your plyometric movements at the beginning of your workout after your warm-up. This will ensure that you do not injure yourself later in your workout due to fatigue.

Need help putting together some plyometric movements? Check out the workout right here at The Body Holiday. You can also see Leisan our resident Nutritionist and BodyAware Consultant when you are with us! Don’t forget to subscribe to BodyHolidayTV for more great fitness and nutritional videos.

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