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How to Prevent Backpain
Preventing Back Pain While Travelling
Here are a few tips that will prevent you from getting common back-pain while traveling.

prevent back pain

  • Pack light
  • Wear your heaviest and bulkiest clothes when you travel
  • When lifting your suitcase bend with your knees  and keep the weight between both shoulders and close to your body.
  • Try to book an aisle seat on the plane so you can move about every 30 minutes
  • Stretch arm and legs every 30minutes for circulation and muscle health
  • Try to keep your seat upright for good spinal alignment with a small pillow/folded jumper or support behind your lower back
  • Avoid keeping a wallet in your back pocket when travelling, this can lead to pelvic tilt and can trigger pain
  • Ask for more pillows if needed – to support your neck or to sit on
  • Keep hydrated
  • When sunbathing, be careful of reading on your front with your back and neck arched, place the book on the sand in front of you and lie flat with a folded towel or cushion under your stomach so your spine keeps good alignment
  • Don’t stay in one position for more than 40minutes, keep moving throughout your day
  • If you have neck pain and enjoy swimming breast stroke try not to keep your head out of the water,  this  extended position and compresses joints in the neck and may lead to pain
  • If you have back, hip, knee or ankle injuries , be careful with high load sports and classes e.g. waterskiing, running , volleyball and beach fit.

For personal advice and treatment or to pre-book appointments with Lucas our Osteopath contact the Wellness Centre extension 7852.

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