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Fitness Activities at Body Holiday
Put your Love to the Fitness!

Valentines Day is just around the corner and what better way to spend time with your significant other than being physically active together. There are so many ways to stay in shape but having a partner to work out with is a great way to keep yourself accountable. Not sure what to do? Check out our short partner workout performed here at The BodyHoliday.

Just in case you need a few other reasons why it’s beneficial to have a workout partner we have listed some below.

Fun Factor – Working out by yourself can become boring and lack excitement. With a partner you have someone to interact with which can keep you engaged in your exercise program. There are so many different options when it comes to partner workouts and the great thing is that many of them are a lot of fun. In addition to the fun workouts, it can be enjoyable to talk and joke with your partner during your rest periods between exercises. Before you know it you will have completed your workout and it may feel like the time has just flown by. Exercise should be fun and enjoyable. You shouldn’t be going to the gym and dreading your exercise session. If you do then it’s time to switch it up, and by incorporating a workout with a partner is an easy method to do so.

Friendly Competition – This is a great way to push the intensity and set small goals for yourself. There are countless ways to incorporate some friendly competition into your routine. It could be something as simple as a race with your partner to see who can complete 50 crunches, or a run on the treadmill to see who can complete the fastest mile. Be creative! However, keep in mind that you want to make sure you are doing things safely. This is why it’s also important that you and your partner are around the same fitness level. If you have an advanced fitness partner and you are just a beginner you may have trouble keeping up in a safe and effective manner.

Keep Good Form – It’s always good to make sure you are performing any given exercise with appropriate form. Having a partner makes it that much easier. This way you have an outside sets of eyes looking at you and making sure you are doing the movements effectively. It also allows your partner to help you with your weaker movements. Let’s say you aren’t the greatest at completing pushups but that is one of your partner’s strengths. Your partner can then give you suggestions and tips to improve your form. Such as hips down, elbows closer to your sides, or whatever improvement you may need to your form for that specific exercise.

So that’s it! Grab a partner and get busy sprucing up your exercise routine! There’s nothing more romantic than two people who care about each other spending time exercising together. Ok, maybe I may have exaggerated a little. But don’t spend this Valentine’s day only focused on flowers and chocolates. Attention to your partner’s health is one of the best ways to show you care for them. Happy Valentines Day everyone!

For more personalised life changing advice,  see Leisan, our resident Nutritionist and BodyAware Consultant when you are with us.

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