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Skipping at Body Holiday
Skip to It!

Who ever said skipping is for girls? I’m sure Mohammed Ali would have something to say on that matter! Seriously, skipping is an inexpensive simple exercise that can be performed anywhere and brings astonishing fitness benefits. Read on to see what you can expect from adding skipping to your current fitness regime and find yourself skipping to a new tune.

  • Weight loss

Skipping can burn between 300 and 400 calories in 30 minutes, couple that with a healthy balanced diet and you can expect healthy weight loss that is sustainable.

  •  Increased cardiovascular fitness

Improving your cardiovascular fitness strengthens your heart which let’s face it is the most important muscle in your body. Promoting cardio vascular activity will not only allow you greater ability to perform everyday tasks but will have a direct impact on your endurance and strength during your workouts.

  • Improved coordination

Skipping improves the coordination between our hands and feet which can assist with completing daily tasks as well as contribute to overall fitness, strength and injury prevention.

  •  Full body workout

Skipping obviously uses the muscles in your legs but it is also great for the muscles in your arms, shoulders and abdominals. What else do you need to hear!

  •  Improved bone density

As skipping is a weight bearing exercise it can help boost your bone density and delay the onset of osteoporosis.

What are you waiting for!  Grab a rope, find a space and give it a go, that’s all you need!

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