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Gone are the days that you need to join a gym to get fit and burn fat, that’s right we all have the equipment needed to increase strength and see cardiovascular gains at home and I’m not talking about the all singing, dancing miracle abs chairs that promise to melt away body fat in just 10 minutes a day! These do not work by the way so turn off the shopping channel and put away your wallet, you don’t need to spend a penny to in order to achieve your weight loss or fitness goals, use your bodyweight.

That’s right bodyweight exercises are a simple, yet seriously under rated option to include in your workouts whatever your fitness level, check out the list of benefits on your overall physical wellbeing and try out some of the examples in your next session.

Efficient workouts: Bodyweight exercises allow for greater fitness gains in a shorter space of time than that of machines at the gym that work only one certain muscle at a time. They also allow you to combine your cardio and strength training in one quick workout that will keep your heart pumping while still promoting muscle development.

Try 50 jumping jacks followed by 20 press ups.

Fast fat burning: With a good body weight circuit you are utilizing your entire body, constantly working every muscle elevates your fat burning.

Try 50 jumping jacks followed by 20 press ups, add 25 squats and hold the plank for 1 minute.

Safety: Body weight exercises can have a reduced risk of injury compared to that of some gym routines, the movement of lifting weights can be quite awkward and when coupled with heavy weights can result in some painful injuries.

Try 10 burpees followed but 1 minute wall sit.

Natural results:Body weight exercises provide natural results, men become stronger and bigger while women end up with a more natural toned look that still allows them to be fit, strong and healthy.

Try 20 alternate lunges followed by 20 tricep dips.

Increased flexibility: Completing body weight exercises through the full range of motion, allowing joints to move freely can improve posture and flexibility.

As always, remember to stretch out all the muscles used at the end of your workout.