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Exercise with Fitness Ball
Train with Balance

When performing any form of weight training we should always seek balance. What do I mean by balance? We need to work a specific muscle group and then the opposing muscle group in the same fashion so that we don’t develop muscular imbalances.

For instance, if we are doing an abundance of pushing work like bench press, pushups, flys, and incline presses which work the chest, and we are not equally matching our pulling movements like rows, band pull aparts, and reverse flys, over time we set ourselves up for injuries and muscular imbalances.

So ask yourself, are you training with balance? If not, make the change so that you can maximize your training in the long term with no injuries or neglect of any of the opposing muscle groups.

Need a switch in your workout routine? Try this upper body workout performed right here at the BodyHoliday.

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