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Osteoarthritis Treatment at Body Holiday
Treatment for Osteoarthritis – Age Related Changes

osteoarthritis, st lucia

Arthritis is a common and painful condition of joint inflammation, a result of age related changes leading to degeneration of the material that cushions the joint, called cartilage.  This causes the bones to rub against each other causing stiffness, pain and loss of joint movement.

This brief article outlines the causes of osteoarthrits and the treatment for osteoarthritis at The BodyHoliday.

Pre-disposing factors and causes of Osteoarthritis include:

  •  Age
  • Hyper mobility
  • Obesity
  • Previous injury
  • Biomechanical compromise
  • Vascular insufficiency
  • Hormonal imbalance

This ultimately leads to progressive softening and cartilage degeneration.  Osteoarthritis is mainly present in weight bearing joints, such as the hips and the knees.

There is no simple answer for osteoarthrits, however the combination of exercise, nutrition (supplements and herbs) and complimentary therapies are all natural treatments here at The BodyHoliday, which can reduce your symptoms and improve quality of life.

The team has a great deal  of experience in the treatment of arthritis here at The BodyHoliday.  It is our aim to reduce surgical interventions with osteopathic treatment aimed at maintaining arthritic joint mobility and promoting dynamic stablity.  This is done by addressing any weakness of the particular involved joints, biomechanical dysfunctions, mobilising and stretching joint capsules, associated with fibrotic changes (scar tissue) and improving blood supply, venous return (blood flow back to the heart) and lymphatic drainage (to help decrease swelling of the joint).  It is also our aim to provide specific motor training exercises that allow joints to become more stable in efforts to reduce the rate of further pain and dysfunction.

For further details or to pre-book your Osteopathic treatment, please ask for Lucas when you are here with us.

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