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Eat and Treat!

Hopefully from reading our blog over the past few months you can see that in order to achieve your weight loss goals, fad diets are not the answer. It is actually about a lifestyle change; becoming aware, educating your mind and changing your body.

Boy have we got something to make you smile today! When making the lifestyle changes required to reach and maintain your weight loss goals, you can still have your treats!

It is important to find a way of eating that suits your body and your weight loss goals but also allows you a treat, focussing on healthy nutritional choices all week but allowing yourself a treat meal on the weekend avoids the feeling of deprivation and will help you to control your desire for tempting foods; compared to trying to go cold turkey and cut out everything you desire which can result in cravings, feelings of failure if you give in and often binging on the desired foods, which starts a whole new cycle of emotions.

So we can see that the eat and treat method can actually help you out long term to achieve your goals, but it is important to prepare yourself for your treat.

  • Decide whether you are going to allow yourself a very small treat several times a week or one day to eat a more substantial treat
  • Once your treat time is over immediately, re-start your healthy eating regime. Do not use the treat as an excuse to over eat
  • Do not keep treats in the house the rest of the week. Buy only one serving size for your treat day, or re-size other portions if there are left overs and freeze straight away. “Out of sight out of mind!!!”
  • On the day of your treat, eat nutritious, filling foods that will help you avoid overeating due to hunger when it’s time for your treat
  • Do not think of your treat as an off limit food so you do not have feelings of guilt afterwards. Think of it as an allowable part of your healthy eating lifestyle
  • If you are eating out for your treat and you feel the portion size is too big, order a child’s or smaller portion or share with a friend

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