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Global Initiatives

“Good eco practice is not a debate; the directors of the company and the shareholders demand it.”

Craig Barnard, CEO, The BodyHoliday, LeSPORT.

Reducing our carbon footprint on an island of over 170,000 people has proven to be difficult but not impossible. With a mandate from our CEO, we steadily make progress.

Social Environment

Beautiful Oceans Coral Reef Biology Courses

The BodyHoliday believe education will help protect the coral reefs longer-term, because of this they offer their guests the opportunity to gain unique insight into the coral reef ecosystem. The course they offer explains the typical zones of a coral reef and introduces the guests to 15 of the coral reef’s most interesting organisms, it informs about the important role coral reefs play.

Barnard Scholarship Programme

The funds mission is to ensure that high achieving, but less privileged, children in St. Lucia are financially assisted to ensure they also have opportunity to pursue a degree in tourism at the University of West Indies. Children of employees have first priority.

Support for Local Community

The BodyHoliday is proud to be a St Lucian owned company, their profits remain in St Lucia; they buy local organic produce whenever available; they purchase local fruit and produce from local farmers; they purchase local fish as much as possible and limit the offer for imported fish that carries huge food miles and carbon footprint. All the resort furniture, which is no longer required and in good condition, is donated tostaff or local schools and Linen or bath towels, that are no longer in use, are donated to the church to be distributed to the wider community to help and reduce waste on the island.

Energy Efficiency, Conservation and Management

The resort’s Photovoltaics plant capitalises on St. Lucia’s fair climate by converting solar radiation into direct current electricity. The swimming pools (naturally heated) and water at the hotel are heated by waste heat from the air conditioning process. Waste Oil is used at the resort within the chiller and all linen is laundered with steam boiler fed by waste oil and the delivery trucks use bio diesel.

Improved Land Use Planning and Management

The gardeners plant rare trees, plants and rare palms for beautification of the grounds; they have preserved the extremely rare Coubaril tree in the Coubaril Valley and are propagating new ones to grow the rainforest in the Coubaril valley.  The Coubaril tree was once cut by furniture makers for its prized dense hard wood and is one of the most endangered indigenous on St Lucia.

Reduction on the Consumption of Fresh Water and Resources

Laundering on the resort takes place using a natural water source; the production of fresh water from the sea with a reverse osmosis plant reduces the drain on the island’s precious resource water in the rainforest, upon which rivers and eco-systems rely.

Improved Wastewater Management

A sewerage treatment plant produces filtered water that supplies ponds allowing the team to cultivate indigenous fresh water shrimp in the ponds. These improvements encourage amazing bird life around the ponds; treated gray water is reused for toilets and for property-wide irrigation; massive investments in silt-traps which are designed to prevent silt from the heaviest rains from reaching the sea and causing damage to the reef off The Body Holiday resort. They also keep the sea crystal clear for guests.

Waste Minimization, Reuse and Recycle

We use a fertilizer compost system. Plastic bottles of products have been replaced in most bathrooms with reusable containers. The buffet avoids using packaging and cardboard boxes that would lead to waste. St. Lucia is home to a number of pig farms, we supply these farms with leftover food from the kitchens to avoid unnecessary waste and aid the local community. By reducing the waste output, we divert unnecessary litter from landfill sites.

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