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St lucia getaways

Beautiful Oceans Coral Reef Biology Courses

The BodyHoliday believe education will help protect the coral reefs longer-term, because of this they offer their guests the opportunity to gain unique insight into the coral reef ecosystem. The course they offer explains the typical zones of a coral reef and introduces the guests to 15 of the coral reef’s most interesting organisms, it informs about the important role coral reefs play.

Barnard Scholarship Programme

The funds mission is to ensure that high achieving, but less privileged, children in St. Lucia are financially assisted to ensure they also have opportunity to pursue a degree in tourism at the University of West Indies. Children of employees have first priority.

Support for Local Community

The BodyHoliday is proud to be a St Lucian owned company, their profits remain in St Lucia; they buy local organic produce whenever available; they purchase local fruit and produce from local farmers; they purchase local fish as much as possible and limit the offer for imported fish that carries huge food miles and carbon footprint. All the resort furniture, which is no longer required and in good condition, is donated tostaff or local schools and Linen or bath towels, that are no longer in use, are donated to the church to be distributed to the wider community to help and reduce waste on the island.

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