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Set on a secluded cove of white sand beach at the edge of the Caribbean Sea, surrounded by tropical gardens and rainforest, BodyHoliday Saint Lucia is the ultimate getaway for body and mind. Recognised as one of the finest destination resorts and centre of well-being, there couldn’t be a more idyllic corner of the world to escape to. But what makes this vacation truly idyllic is it’s designed by you.

Following a significant amount of research and canvassing the views and ideas of our guests we have designed five different retreats!

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The five retreats featured will be hosted at Villa Firefly and are a new feature of the BodyHoliday’s wellness programme. Headed by our resident Ayurvedic Doctor and his team, the retreat’s keynote signatures will be one of flexibility and an allowance for you to enjoy the full range of services provided by the world’s best holiday of well-being and of a camaraderie afforded by both the retreat activities and communal dining centred within the luxurious surroundings of this superb Caribbean house.

The Vedic retreat

If you are feeling mentally, emotionally and physically drained by a hectic lifestyle and work-life, this retreat was designed for you. This condition can lead to elevated stress and blood pressure levels, heart disease and even cancer. Our Vedic retreat uses a 360 degree approach, designed to rejuvenate and re-balance your Mind, Body and Soul with authentic, dosha specific treatments, food and a variety of activities from Chanting to Pankacharma, within BodyHoliday’s peaceful Caribbean beach cove setting. In addition to achieving overall balance, you will most likely experience reduced inflammation and stress levels.

Join us at BodyHoliday and experience one of our 5 retreats

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The Cleanse & Detox retreat

Toxins and pollutants slowly poison us daily resulting in lethargy and preventable ailments. Reducing toxins and boosting the optimal functionality of both Mind and Body are the goals of this retreat, with a combination of organic juicing, special teas and broths coupled with Yoga, Tai Chi and other mind and body cleansing options. The Wellness and Rejuvenation treatments which are part of the retreat will include Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Bolus Bag, Far Infra Red sauna and Thalassotherapy which also aids the elimination of toxins. You can expect Increased vitality, better skin health and a jump start to weight loss as just a few of the benefits to look forward to.

Retreat to De-Stress

With the high speed and frequency of information technology, bombarding our minds from every angle, we are never really focused on the present, constantly pre-occupied with a plethora of concerns, tasks and activities at any given moment. This Mindfulness Retreat aims to train your mind to live in the moment, using time proven techniques from our Equine Journey to Meditation, reducing brain clutter and bringing one closer to appreciating the “here and now”. The goal is for you to leave with an increased mental focus, regulated emotional reactivity, lower stress levels, reduction in any ongoing symptoms of depression and improved sleep.

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Yoga retreat

Designed for yogis and yoga lovers spanning degrees of expertise from beginner’s to advanced levels. The wide range of styles experienced will include Hatha, Yin /Yang, Vinyasa, Sivananda, Pranyama, Ashtanga and Yoga Nidra. Daily workshops will lead you to a deeper understanding of correct breathing, yoga philosophy and yogic food classification with a special focus on correct posture and good diet for maximum physical and mental benefit. You can expect improved flexibility, muscle tone and strength, improved posture and a deeper knowledge of the many aspects of the world of yoga to be enjoyed individually or shared.

Villa Firefly’s Weight Loss Retreat

Led by our Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist, a team of fitness specialists, instructors and wellness chefs, this retreat is designed as a holistic approach to getting your weight to where you need it to be and providing you with the tools to manage your weight thereafter. A healthy weight loss programme should never be about dieting alone. It requires a balanced approach to nutrition thats right for your metabolism, sensible exercise, kitchen/ food preparation management and getting the right mindset. Pre arrival consultation enables our team to design the right plan of action for you. At Firefly this team will help you to execute your personalised action plan amongst the camaraderie, inspiration and encouragement that naturally emanates from a small group of guests with the same goal. In short; we will show you how to manage Your Body’s Fuel.-

Join us at BodyHoliday and experience one of our 5 retreats