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Rob Jeffers – BodyAware Specialist

When I think of the many reasons why people come to The BodyHoliday, health and fitness are at the top of my list (along with great daily included treatments of course!). Just from reading different comments and from talking to loads of people, some of whom are returning guests, I get a sense that The BodyHoliday does a lot to help its guests meet this goal.

On my way over to the Deli for one of those irresistible Paninis, I meet Rob; he was just wrapping up a nutritional consultation. I immediately realized – here’s the chance to confirm my thoughts. Rob sees BodyAware as more than just a programme, he sees it as a lifestyle! He describes it as a complete mind and body overhaul that will improve a person’s lifestyle through optimal nutrition, effective exercise and behavior change. He thinks that the BodyAware programme is the ideal answer.

This guy really knows his stuff; he has a Post Graduate Certificate in Diet Therapy, a BSc in Sports Science Exercise Physiology, and Diploma in Advanced Personal Training. He brings both a scientific and practical approach to the programme. The scientific part is pretty straightforward and the practical part comes from his years of fitness and nutrition experience. Rob tells me that he started off at the junior level – swimming, playing cricket and hockey at county level. He also played basketball at university level and in the national league – impressive stuff.

His goal with BodyAware is remarkable. It is to tie in a holistic approach with behavioural change strategies to help people successfully break out of bad habits including smoking, drinking and overeating and then form good ones. He wanted to ensure that I understood that behaviour should be a core element of any exercise plan. I get the impression that he sees himself as more than just a trainer – he agrees, and tells me that he sees himself as a holistic health coach, personal trainer, nutritionist and therapist.

Enough about the man, I now need to find out more about the programme. So today I set myself a new goal – appoint Rob as my personal holistic health coach. I can already imagine the shock waves when I announce to my friends that I have appointed a personal trainer, who from now on will be my nutritionist and therapist. Of course I shall keep you posted on these developments while I sojourn here at The BodyHoliday…

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