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Preview January 2019


Welcome to a brand New Year. There couldn’t be a better way to start it than by a stay at BodyHoliday. So; to all our returning guests, a massive thank you for coming back to us again and if this is your first visit, we hope that you are about to find out why BodyHoliday has won so many wellness awards. It’s our goal to provide you with the most relaxing holiday ever and to keep you fit and healthy for the months ahead.

New Year, of course, is about resolutions and so if you have made one and would like help to execute, just let the BodyHoliday specialist know by creating your own web room. Here you can begin to custom build your BodyHoliday experience, exactly the way you wish and with your New Year goal in mind. BodyHoliday provides all the services you’ll need to achieve your goals of getting fitter, losing weight, improving your stamina, de-stressing and detoxification (including giving up smoking).

We looking forward to seeing you soon in 2019!


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The Healthy Ageing programme identifies where your body needs extra support to slow down the ageing process, and to function optimally. Laboratory tests……MORE


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Can you imagine having a stomach with no pain, no discomfort, no gas or distension? And a flat stomach that doesn’t impact your choice of clothing or your participation in ….MORE


Wellness vacations

The Fitness programme includes appropriate and reliable lab tests, which can give an insight into how your body is genetically pre-disposed to certain exercise regimes……MORE


Meditation and yoga retreats

The Weight Management 360° programme uses scientific laboratory tests to evaluate hormones, genetic predisposition to weight gain, inflammation and food sensitivities all of which are important considerations….MORE


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The Detox Health programme uses scientific lab tests to discover your body’s detoxification status. Based on the results, you will be provided with a bespoke nutrition and lifestyle plan to help you optimise your detoxification….MORE


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The De-stress programme uses scientific lab tests to discover your body’s stress status at a physiological level. This valuable information has the power to protect you from the development of chronic disease….MORE


Custom Made for you

If you haven’t yet registered your own personal webroom for custom building your BodyHoliday

then why not do it right now…