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Hannah Diamond Round the World Racer at Bay Holiday March 2018

March Highlights

Welcome to BodyHoliday. If you are returning to Saint Lucia this March, then welcome back and thank you for returning. If this will be your first visit, we hope that you enjoy all that BodyHoliday has on offer and love the unique experience so many come back to enjoy again and again. Featured this March is our first theme month of the year, “Spring Sail”. Theme months, are a regular component of the BodyHoliday experience and for 2019 we have them scheduled for 8 months of the year. You. can learn more about the theme month concepts here

Staff picks for March



On this trip, we recommend you visit our BodyScience clinic, especially if you haven’t been there before. Guests have unlimited use of the Infrared sauna, which is very beneficial. Whilst there,  take advantage of a free consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor.



Saint Lucia’s coastline is full of beauty, full of mystery and full of adventure – from the Mystic Mountains to the interior Rain Forest, there’s beauty on land, on the sea and under the waves. For sea-lovers, we have put together a list of exciting sea-trips, just for you.



Try a half-day private charter on board Aurora Rose, our J-24 sailboat and explore St Lucia’s exotic coastline. Sail the Caribbean, dropping anchor in Rodney Bay and cool off with a swim and champagne picnic. Discover the Sailing Club certified programs.


I-tal kitchen

Discover the wonders of garden to table cuisine, inspired by our on-site organic garden. Share a guided experience with our eco-leader and I-Tal chefs, while spending time harvesting produce.


Custom Made for you

If you haven’t yet registered your own personal web room for custom building your BodyHoliday

then why not do it right now…You can schedule any of the above activities and your spa treatments, journeys and healthy Ageing programmes-in fact absolutely everything even if it’s just to ask for a feather pillow…