Recommendations for March

Welcome to BodyHoliday this March and if you are returning to us then welcome back!. One of our special areas within the resort is the ITAL restaurant and the organic garden. We’ve created a special “ITAL EXPERIENCE” so that guests can learn more about producing organic food, how to prepare it and then to enjoy a delicious healthy lunch. The entire experience is built around the Rastafarian ITAL culture. We don’t think you’ll find anything like this in other resorts.

You can book the ITAL EXPERIENCE in advance with the BodyHoliday specialist.

Staff picks for March focus on the sea with the clear azure waters at their best in the Winter. Tick learning to dive from your bucket list and for some exhilerating fun check out the SAILING CLUB with their XTREME 26 Race boats.

Our Theme Month series begins in March, also with a Sailing focus. We call it Spring Sail and if you are staying between March 1st to 29th, please join in. Hannah Diamond and Nick Thompson, our two Olympic sailors host a unique programme throughout the month that will suit both novice sailors and the more experienced. How often would you get the opportunity to be coached by sportsmen at this level?

Finally, to not lose sight too quickly of your New Year resolve, take a look at our clinic devoted to “better ageing” –  BodyScience.

sailing at bodyholiday


Sailing Club

Now well established in our repetoire, BodyHoliday’s Sailing Club & School brings guests an exhilarating new way to experience the Caribbean. Sailing courses are led by expert instructors on X-Treme 26 sailboats by G-Force, a leading maker of high-performance sailing yachts, for those who want to try their hand at the sport or sailors who want to improve their skills.

There’s a relaxing alternative to the sporting side, taking one of our sailing charters. We’ll take you for a gentle sail south, to explore the Saint Lucian coastline, stopping for lunch or a picnic.

These charters can be for up to 4 people and for a half day or a full day. Book before you arrive.

Read more about our Sailing Programme


Scuba Diving

For those who would love a taste of what diving is all about and who are not yet certified divers, we offer a PADI Resort Course programme. It includes a 45-minute classroom session, 45 minutes in the pool, then an ocean dive to a maximum depth of 20ft /6m on our beautiful reef right in front of the resort. An instructor will accompany you at all times. The dive is very safe and loads of fun! Best of all, it is included in the price of your St Lucia holiday.

Scuba Divers

About BodyScience

At BodyHoliday, we’ve turned the art of living and ageing well into a science. BodyScience. Based on Eastern practices and Western knowledge, our personalised programmes are designed to maximise well-being and improve health. The BodyScience Clinic can be tailored to Weight Management, Detox, De-Stress, Digestive Health, Fitness or Healthy Ageing. See more.