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Exercise with Fitness Ball

All of the Conditioning classes here are included in the price of your holiday.


A workout designed to strengthen the abdominal core and lower back muscles, often in the form of a circuit session.

On the Ball

Use the fit balls and other studio equipment to firm and tone up the core and the rest of the body

aquafitA class that always guarantees to be full of fun. Splash your way to a great fitness level at any age. Also an ideal class for pregnant participants and people with joint injuries.


beach_fitOld school circuit style workout using tractor tyres, sand bags, and ropes. This functional training on the beach will challenge you in a completely differently way to the gym.

Body Tone

A great chance to firm up the whole body using a combination and variety of weight based exercises and studio equipment.

Body Circuit

The Body Circuit combines both cardiovascular and resistance stations to produce an all over body session. Work at your own level while challenging your weaknesses.

legs-bums-and-tums-class1A 45min class that targets the legs, buttocks and abdominals, this class will help you Strengthen and tone most of your popular parts of the body.

Pole+DancingAn ultimate full body workout, powering up one’s self-esteem and encourages you to experience how to be stunningly strong and at the same time graceful like a dancer. The classes are suitable for all levels, ages and abilities.

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