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fitness personal training - Body Holiday

Nutri Weight Loss Programme

Do you have a weight goal but not sure where to start? Are you trying to beat a weight-loss plateau and need an extra push? The Nutri Weight Loss Programme with Hiley Fulgence will not only help you to achieve your goal, it will ensure you do it in a sustainable way so you’ll get results that last.

During your stay you will follow a personalised meal plan, designed by our Nutritionist Hiley and prepared by our Wellness Chefs. Through a combination of workshops and one-on-one counselling, you will learn how to develop healthier eating and physical activity habits. The programme will also teach you how to effectively overcome barriers such as crazy work schedules, social events, and holiday eating, for example. Healthy cooking classes will teach you how to prepare healthful meals so that you are equipped with the knowledge and confidence to continue your weight loss journey at home. When you return home you will receive ongoing feedback and follow-up support to help you keep the weight off long-term. 7, 10, and 14 day programmes are available.