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BodyHoliday Donates over $65 000 to Charity

Some 20 years ago, the idea of all inclusive hotels was new to St. Lucia and to the tourism sector. The BodyHoliday at LeSPORT back in 1989 introduced an even more extraordinary version of the genre – one which included spa treatments in addition to the traditional idea of included items. Today the resort has developed into a sophisticated holiday of
health and well being against which there is no comparison or equal anywhere.

This holiday concept offers a holistic approach to health and wellness and is built on four key pillars of well being: eating well, relaxation, fitness and exercise and restorative beauty. This has taken several years of careful honing to create a perfectly balanced and restorative vacation with proven benefits to guests during and long after the vacation is over.

A dynamic process is required to manage this kind if holiday. It must constantly look inward and outward, to maintain its competitive advantage. Two key components of this development are staff and the community within which the resort operates. It is because of the interactions between staff and guest for example that the resort continues to win numerous awards. Most recently, The BodyHoliday has been rated number 6 in the world of “favourite overseas spa
retreats”. Already for 2008, the resort is nominated in the following categories in the World Travel Awards: Caribbean’s Leading Spa Resort; St. Lucia’s Leading Hotel; St. Lucia’s Leading Resort and St. Lucia’s Leading Spa Resort.

Along with the General Manager himself Andrew Barnard, some 95% of The BodyHoliday staff is St. Lucian. The resort is very aware that it owes a debt to the community which has played and will continue to play a critical role in its evolution and success. Therefore, the resort management takes complete pleasure in its ability to present over EC$65,000 to a number of organizations in St. Lucia. These include: Care Ltd., The St. Lucia Crisis Centre, The St. Lucia Blind Welfare Association, The Women’s Support Centre and The Barnard Scholarship Fund.

Historically, the resort has engaged in creating opportunities for helping the community in the carrying out of its day to day business. For example, part of the regular programme at Christmas and other festive occasions is the organizing of auctions for Charity. These are great fun and are always supported to the full by the guests at BodyHoliday, many of whom have been to the resort on multiple occasions.
After a successive number of auctions held at the resort, organized as entertainment events for guests, the money raised has now been made available to deserving non-governmental organizations. The most recent auction received support from a number of local business houses including: Anju Silvers, Barbay Ltd., Caribbean Giclee, Columbian Emeralds, Endless Summer Cruises, Eudovic’s Art Studio, Harry Edwards, The Inner Gallery, Jalousie Plantation, Rendezvous and Xaviers Art Studio.

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