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January is the prime time to kick your routine up a notch after a few months of heavy eating, drinking and general merry-making. So why not start off 2014 on the right track with BodyHolidayTV?

Our 56 fun and effective interval workouts which targets your entire body will boost your calorie burn and activate more muscles and leave you feeling totally energised. You’ll sizzle away fat and chisel lean muscle as you follow these under five minute workouts. The workouts take you through a fast and effective routine that combines cardio and strength training into one short, effective workout and not forgetting post workout recovery nutritional segments and blogs to assist along your journey.

Make this the year you reach your goals! It’s a New Year, so focus on a new you and BodyHolidayTV is here to help you!

Visit our youtube channel at www.youtube.com/BodyHolidayTV.

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