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The BodyHoliday awards over $20 000 in Scholarships

The re-opening of school for the new academic year is always a challenge for parents. With that in mind, the BodyHoliday has been able to “ease the squeeze” as we say in St. Lucia, and as such has awarded 14 scholarships for this new academic year. Thirteen of these have gone to students attending various secondary schools on island and one to a young and enterprising employee Kadius St. Louis who is pursuing his BSc degree in tourism management at Monroe College.

Of the thirteen students who received awards, 5 are brand new scholarships, and these students have started secondary school this September. While Kadius pursues his part time studies at Monroe College in St. Lucia, the other students are currently at secondary school, completing grades 9 to 12.

It was Andrew Barnard, son of well known hotelier Craig Barnard and General Manager of The BodyHoliday who established the Barnard Scholarship Fund many years ago as a means of raising money and creating more opportunities for children who lacked the economic support to attend school. All of the sponsorship that he received from his
races was deposited into The Barnard Scholarship Fund.

That was how Andrew became involved with RacingThePlanet, organizers of the 4 Deserts event. This is a series of seven-day, 250 kilometre footraces across the world’s largest and most extreme desert climates.

In 2004, he participated in the Atacama crossing, placing 5th overall and first in the team event. In 2005, he raced the Sahara Desert. In June of 2007, he crossed the Gobi dessert. With one desert remaining in the challenge event, Andrew is at a crossroads. Still recovering from a major accident where his foot was badly injured, he is working hard on his recovery so that he may run again. The fund has grown and over the years has been supported by individuals and the corporate sector, including The Bank of Nova Scotia and Virgin Holidays.

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