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The BodyHoliday introduces an all new Personalised Wellness Programme

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Emilie Haldane, Wellness Specialist

October 2011 – The BodyHoliday has long been an innovative industry leader and is at it again with the introduction of Personlised Wellness. The resort has developed experience in personalization from the success of its BodyHoliday Specialist team – a knowledgeable team that works with guests ahead of their arrival to create a bespoke holiday experience balancing out time for daily treatments, activities and everything else they wish to fit in! This concept is the inspiration behind Personalised Wellness.

The BodyHoliday describes Personalised Wellness as a combination of individually tailored sessions in fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and mental wellness. The resort understands that the experience will vary from person to person and has put an emphasis on building a relationship with the guest prior to arrival to determine their individual needs. During that time, the guest will receive recommendations and suggestions on the activities, treatments, meals and holistic classes most suited to them. They will be able to book all of these services in advance of their arrival. When the guests check into the hotel, their custom plan would have been created.

They will have the help of their Wellness Specialist throughout their stay to help guide them through the journey. A specialist in the true sense of the word, the Wellness Specialist commands knowledge of the extensive range of offerings The BodyHoliday provides to its guests. Enter Emilie Haldane. Emilie has a background in fitness instruction and personal training and has worked in the Health & Wellbeing and Customer Service industries. “I’ve always wanted to combine my experience in these industries, as well as my love of travel and got the chance to do so with the ideal job as The BodyHoliday’s Wellness Specialist.”

You can begin your Personalised Wellness journey with Emilie today: wellnessspecialist@thebodyholiday.com

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