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Fitness holidays

Welcome to November at BodyHoliday

Welcome to BodyHoliday. If you are returning to us this November then welcome back and thank you for returning. If this will be your first visit, we hope that you enjoy all that BodyHoliday has on offer and love the unique experience so many come back to enjoy again and again.

This month our theme is the sea. We are highlighting not only our SWIMFIT programme, but also certifications in both DIVING and SAILING.

November features another of our popular theme months. This time it is WellFit, hosted by Olympic swimmers David Carry and Keri-anne Payne. David and Keri are here regularly in November and.also present “SwimFit” which includes our annual “One Mile Swim” race. They have put swimming firmly on the BodyHoliday map.

Remember you can pre-schedule anything, included treatments, supplementary treatments, activities and best of all, if you want to take part in WellFit/SwimFit and you want to prearrange a scuba or sailing course, your BodyHoliday specialist will ensure nothing on your schedule clashes with the WellFit programme.

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David Carry & Keri-anne Payne

November WellFit & SwimFit

Every November, we dedicate the month to improving fitness and swimming. There’s an extensive fitness program at BodyHoliday at any time of the year, but what makes November a little special is that the number and variety of classes increases, hosted by Olympians David and Keri. Take a look at what’s on offer and talk to your BodyHoliday specialist, for exact details and pre-scheduling.

Tick one of these off your bucket list this November

BodyHoliday is both an accredited ASA Sailing school and a PADI Dive Centre. You can complete a Sailing or Scuba course and walk away with a certificate!


St lucia scuba

Sign up with the Dive Centre for Open Water certification and your PADI Card will open up dives for you all over the world.


Best restaurent in Saint Lucia

Make this the year you add a qualification to your CV. Our expert instructors are qualified to teach and award ASA certificates on completion.

Fitness all inclusive resorts

Introducing our organic garden and ITAL kitchen/restaurant

Discover the wonders of garden-to-table cuisine, inspired by our on-site organic garden. Share a guided experience with our eco-leader and I-Tal chefs, while spending time harvesting produce.

St lucia honeymoon

Yoga Retreats at BodyHoliday 2019

Our last retreat this year is from 14th-21st December.

If you would like more information on the 2020 program, please click the button below.


Custom Made for you

If you haven’t yet registered your own personal web room for custom building your BodyHoliday, then why not do it right now…You can schedule any of the above activities and your spa treatments, journeys and healthy Ageing programmes-in fact absolutely everything even if it’s just to ask for a feather pillow…


School-BagA community-based project to provide knapsacks with school supplies to underserved children in St. Lucia. The St. Lucia Knapsack Project operates out of Toronto, Canada and seeks the support of individuals to reach this goal.

If you would like to participate, all this involves is putting a few items together for the children and delivering them to a collection point.

However, if you live in the UK, USA or anywhere else for that matter, if you have room in your luggage to bring a small knapsack, complete with contents, just hand it in to the front desk on arrival-Thank you so much!